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Highland Games
Foto: Gernot GleissI sometimes like to say, “Christian Twitter” is a fabulous demonstration of why mankind needed a Savior in the first place. “Christian Twitter,” busy debunking evolution daily. “Christian Twitter,” evidence mankind has neither progressed nor evolved.

It’s a bit silly, but we will label something worldly, “Christian,” as if we’ve just made the ugly, Holy and pure. Don’t be deceived by that tomfoolery, “Christian” is sometimes “descriptive” not “prescriptive.” How I wish it were always prescriptive.

So there are sometimes these barbarians with bibles out roaming the world. They are out and about wielding the Sword of Truth, when in fact they should probably still be playing with the pocket knife whose blade we have safely blunted so the kids don’t suffer a digital amputation. Once you learn how to properly gouge yourself with a blunt instrument, we’ll let you have the much sharper, but ironically, far less painful blade….

Barbarians are rather fond of quoting the old testament completely out of context, thus sayeth the Lord of all wrath, fury, and condemnation….

Besides indulging in some barbarian mockery in this here post, I wish to squeeze some juice out of this turnip and share a revelation I once had. The prophets of old are telling a story, they are revealing what the Lord has shown them. “Thus sayeth the Lord” is not like a commandment, it is more like saying, Here is what He has spoken to me. I’m attempting to impart some third hand wisdom on y’all. “Third hand” meaning first God must communicate to you in your own language, which is a bit like trying to download watermelon ideas into a pea brain.

Trust me I know, I often hear His still quiet voice and struggle to understand Him. He is gracious and patient and faithful to show me over and over again until I get it, and to confirm it in His word, so I am reassured. That’s the Lord I know.

So once we interpret what is being said we must struggle to express it, again in our own metaphorical language because it’s all we know. The third layer of communication comes into play when you are attempting to convey what God has taught you over to other people, who will then subjectively receive your words in their own language. Imparting some truth. Another way of saying the more biblical,  “thus sayeth the Lord,”  is, “here is what the Lord has taught me.” Or perhaps, “here is what the Lord has revealed to me.”

The old testament is wonderful, as are the prophets, so in no way am I trying to reduce the significance or validity of their words, I am just saying context is everything and understanding literary styles can really enhance our reading comprehension. I often say, let the Author and Finisher of your faith, read the bible to you. Or, close your eyes and feel the music. Let the Holy Spirit speak His word to you.

So I don’t wish to be needlessly unkind, or perhaps I do, perhaps I do indeed, because those who try to use the Lord’s word simply to pour wrath, condemnation, and shame over others do a lot of harm in the world.  They also look quite a bit like small children with short pants, blunt pocket knives, and oddly, man buns. Rubber bands in your beard, sporting a split man bun and wearing plaid pants and a purple shirt with black socks and sandals….

Downright unattractive! That’s just ugly! You have now offended my delicate sensibilities. In other words, you should not leave your house that way. Go home this instant and change.

Thus sayeth the Lord….