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Blasphemy is concept that creates some confusion, so I’d like to unpack it a bit.

Some people get caught up in this idea that “blasphemy” is an unforgivable sin or perhaps even “the unforgivable sin,” as in blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Please don’t go there in your mind and spirit, because there are so many lies, false teachings, and misdirection by the enemy around that issue, that it isn’t even funny.

I speak of plain old blasphemy, “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God.” It is sometimes also equated with taking the Lord’s name in vain or cursing Him. Yes, those things are also blasphemous, but it’s not quite that simple.

Blasphemy it totally forgivable. If it wasn’t, we’d all be doomed.  If you’re thinking “nope, not me,” you can just add self-deception and lying to the list of reasons why we need nothing but the blood of Jesus and His redemption.

Another form of blasphemy is to display or demonstrate contempt for ourselves. When you consider that Jesus made a tremendous investment in us, that we belong to Him, and then we proceed to be contemptuous, hateful, or destructive towards ourselves,  that’s a way of insulting God, of disparaging ourselves as His creation, as His artwork, and as His investment.

Blasphemy has some Latin roots springing from the words to “injure” and “reputation.” So to blasphemy God is to, “injure His reputation.” However, what I really like about the word origins is that “blasphemy” and “blame,” spring from the same root. To blasphemy is to falsely blame God.

I have a saying, “the error is always going to be on my end.” That is true when debating, arguing with, or trying to understand God. The rest of you are simply out of luck, because I am right far more often than I am wrong. When it comes to God however, it’s a no-brainer, it’s an unwritten rule, “the error is always going to be on my end.” Always. God is always right. It just is what it is.

So if the question comes up, “is God mean?” No, the error is on my end, the error is in the understanding and emotion of the moment. When life comes at you hard and fast however, those kind of feelings, resentment, confusion, anger can come up. We can feel angry, hurt, confused about what God is doing. We can mope about thinking, “God hates me.”

We can malign God’s character in our fear, confusion, and hurt. We are blaming Him so to speak, because we don’t have the eyes to see or the ability to understand.

That’s where blasphemy as blame comes in. Back in the Garden of Eden the serpent commits blasphemy, misrepresents God, and deceives Eve. Eve blames the serpent. Adam blames Eve and even perhaps God Himself. Cain blames Abel. And so it goes all down through history, this game of blame, this unwillingness to hold ourselves accountable or to take personal responsibility when things go awry.

Eve is right by the way, Eve is not lying when she blames the serpent. Eve is not falsely accusing anyone. Eve is pointing right to the snake who deceived her. She is telling the truth. Eve’s issue, Eve’s sin, is that she put more weight on what the serpent said than on what God said. That’s another kind of blasphemy, it hints at the idea that God is lying, it’s a failure to recognize His authority, it’s placing something else above Him. What God says about us is true, what God says about Himself is true, whereas the serpent is just full of small rodents and other assorted dead things.

Blasphemy is always a sin against God, not against another person. You can be hating on someone, forgetting they are made in the image of God, and by proxy engaging in a kind of blasphemy, but other than that, you can’t blasphemy a mere mortal. I have to say that because there are some in the world who seem to believe that if you disagree with them in any way you are being blasphemous. Not at all. God is good always, but you Sir, are behaving like a total lunkhead.

I’m speaking mostly to women today, women who much like Eve once did, forget who they are and Whose they are, women who so often lose sight of  the fact that “what God says about us is true, what God says about Himself is true.” We have world out there that just hammers away at us, competing for what will rule over us, whose voice we will listen to. Everything from pop culture to advertising, from a beauty industry…...to a religious industry.

Listen to the Lord’s voice. He’s the one who  knows us and loves us for who we are.


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Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com