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If you’re going to get hit by a bus…… do it with the Lord. I speak of Karen Swallow Prior, English Professor, author, Christian. Kind. It’s Karen’s kindness that always jumps out at me. She is being surrounded in prayer from all over the country and is doing amazingly well, all things considered. Her survival, her spirit, her recovery, her healing, is downright miraculous.

If you’re going to get hit by a bus…… do it with the Lord.

Why the Lord? Because He gives you His peace. He enables you to walk through some really unpleasant things with the assurance, the confidence, that sense of being that just says, all is well with my soul. It is going to be okay.

Needless to say,  most of us can wobble about a bit, have doubts, react rather than respond, but that essence of knowing all is well with my soul just endures, it rises up within Christians all over the world and it is a visible difference, an observable phenomenon.

Life is a lot like getting hit by a bus sometimes, for most of us hopefully on a more metaphorical and spiritual level than a literal one. The thing is, in life sometimes stuff will just come at you out of no where and leave you completely flattened out.

Somebody smart once coined the term, “plot twist.” There you are happily writing  your own story, when life just hands you a sudden plot twist.  Not all plot twists are bad and of course,  “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28.  Just the same, plot twist are inconvenient to say the least. Often painful. Maybe even scary. They weren’t in “The Plan” and they can leave you a  bit dazed and confused.

A couple of us were talking about men, a bit tongue in cheek, but basically “I can’t believe one man can hold out for so long, resist the Lord so stubbornly, refuse to avail themselves of His peace.”  It’s a real marvel,  like dude,  you are just like the Black Knight on a Monty Python skit! You have lost your arm, well both arms now…..so just let it go, stop, surrender all.  It is okay.  All will be well with your soul if you just look to the Lord. Sometimes you get these good guys, these strong, powerful stoics, who really know how to endure and persevere. They will endure beyond all reason.

I’ve often thought I should write a book, Black Knights and the Women who Love Them, because dealing with these guys can be downright comical sometimes. Do women love the strong ones, the powerful one, the cranky stoics who know how to persevere? I think so, but I think what we love even more are those who know how to surrender all, how to trust in the Lord and draw their strength from Him, because they light the path before us, they show us how it’s done.

That’s were real power and strength lives,  in the Lord, in looking to Him in times of trouble, in having faith even when those plot twists come at you fast and hard.