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kermitA rather innocent comment came through twitter, one that just stirred a fire  in my soul, really caused my spirit to rise up roar. The comment said, “we need to remember twitter is not the church.”

Oh, heck no! I think not! We need to remember that we are “the church.” The church is not place we go on Sundays. It is NOT a hat we wear. It is WHO we are. It is Whose we are. None of this, it’s a Tuesday and I’m on twitter so I don’t have to think about what it means to be a son and how my very being is going to  reflect Who my Father is.

Baloney! We don’t ever clock out and go home as if being a Christian were a 9-5 job and I’ve already worked my shift. And if you are a Christian, than you are the church. All of  the time.

So proceeded a few comments that fueled my roar even more, and really captured the essence of what I am objecting too, that made me just want to pull out a sword like a barbarian and lop off a few ears. All in good humor here, but I am actually civilized and have had all my shots, so I promise not to whack off any ears for real. Or at least, if I do bite anyone,  you won’t get rabies.

entertainingThere was some mention of how twitter is not really an actual place, therefore it exists in this kind of non place limbo where our roles are different. Also, there are a lot of bots, liars, trolls, and non Christians all about the place.

To which I can only reply, do we actually think God is stupid? Like, I’m not even sure I’d try offering that kind of excuse to a mid-wit parent who is pre-occupied and only half listening.

God is so NOT stupid. Like if I tried to explain that it’s a Tuesday so I don’t have to be the church today, the Lord would probably roar down to me, Be ye stupid IB? Also, I can’t imagine saying, ewww there are just all these liars and sinners strewn about twitter, so that changes all the rules right? Right. Like Jesus never walked among the unclean, laying His very hands on them? Like, Be ye stupid??

Okay, so twitter is not the church in terms of the church being a safe place. I have to tell you however, churches aren’t always such a safe place either. Like surprise! There are broken people there, sinners even. Like sometimes the church is the last place anyone would ever go to for help. Whoa, mind blown! Yeah, like newsflash! Some of the beautiful people you see all cleaned up on Sundays……. are the very same ones cursing you out on twitter all week.

Screaming at their wife on the way home. Abusing their children. Failing to pay their employees. Screwing somebody over in a business deal. Engaging in mean spirited gossip. Drinking too much. Hating on their sisters……

Just saying. I could go on and on, but I’m sure I don’t need to. Everybody knows it, everybody’s seen it.

So, as gently as I can, please people, just be the church. It really matters.  Everywhere you go everything you do, every word you speak. None of us ever get it perfect, there is great mercy there, but still, be the church. “The church” is actually you, it is what the world sees of Jesus Christ. I need forgiveness everyday for my inability to share Him properly, to show people who Jesus is, to carry the good news the way I should. Just the same, those “liars, bots, and trolls” are us and they are who He came for.

You can find these things clearly laid out in the instruction manual. Like how it says in Mark 2:17, “When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”