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“Future tripping” is a term for leaping ahead and imagining a million negative scenarios that will probably never happen. It’s something I have to work on constantly because as a kid I developed hyper-vigilance, the uncanny ability to predict when the train is coming down the tracks, ready to mow you over. The problem with hyper-vigilance is that it is a survival skill, so it has no need to develop around ever imagining a positive outcome.

Kind of an odd juxtaposition today, but I read Rick Thomas, Let Me Teach You How to Predict the Future. It  was good, triggering but good. My life is filled with stories like that. Stories that go like this, “Dude, if you don’t change something, you’re going to die. He died. The end.” That’s a terrible story, isn’t it? You get enough stories like that going on in your life and you are just defeated. They take a real emotional toll on you.

That part about renewing your mind, about surrendering to the Lord, about allowing Him to rewrite the story, that stuff is like life and death for me. It’s like being on life support. I simply can’t function without the Lord, and that’s some good news, that’s simply the best news ever. He’s really got a hold on me. 

I shall now break out in a cheesy love song, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, “You Really Got a Hold on Me.” There’s a method to this madness, a purpose for this digression, a reminder to those who like to complain about worship music, for many years this was my worship music. The Lord can use anything and everything to speak to you. Our issues and fuss around worship music and worship are such a petty first world problem.

Back to odd juxtapositions however. I’ve written extensively about the red pills, about my angst over them, about my frustration. That’s because I can see the outcome, because I know where this train wreck leads, but I’m completely powerless to stop it. Well, not completely powerless, I’ve got prayer, I’ve got blogging, I’ve got spreading the word. I’ve got trying to raise awareness. But basically all I can really do is sit back and watch this go down. Over and over again….

Oh, I suppose I don’t have to watch, I could cover my eyes, and sometimes I do. A lot of bloggers who are kind, who are well intentioned, tell me to just let it go.  I can’t.  I think it’s important. I think it matters. I think we need to pay attention. I think it’s an issue for our time and it has to do with prevention, intervention, and creating a healthier society.

Night Wind does a good job of explaining the nature of the problem in a more cut and dry manner.  I’m really grateful that there are others paying attention, doing the research, speaking the truth, making the connections.



I so regret being unable to stop this before it happened, being unable to intervene, unable to prevent the loss of innocent life. Again. No one really could, unless you had specific details or superpowers or something. What I regret is that the conditions, the environment that fuels this kind of thing exists, and as long as it does, there will be tragedy.

Meanwhile however, as for me and my house, we’ll be listening to Smokey Robinson and just lifting the Lord’s name on high.