Beautiful post! We all have a ministry, we all have a calling. “Minister” does indeed mean “servant.”

Healthy Mind Ministry

Almost a year ago I decided to go back to school and pursue an education in theology. I had this burning desire to learn as much as I possibly could about Jesus Christ. When I signed up of course I didn’t really know what I was going to do with that education in a way stepping towards it was a step in faith. A way of saying, I hear you calling me and I don’t know where its leading, but I am willing to go.

Maybe like a modern-day Abraham I set out on a journey to find what God had promised me.

So the natural conclusion to seminary school is you become a Pastor. That never set well with my conservative fundamental foundation that leaves the pastoral duties solely to men. And please be assured I never really even felt that was my calling anyways, so I don’t feel…

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