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I admit, that’s a terrible way to begin a letter. Tends to shut down communication. Just the same, there’s really no other way for me to express a proper giant eye roll, the kind that just groans, seriously? Are you people really as pathetic as you appear?

Never ask that question, I think the universe just takes it as a challenge.

I speak of the recent blogging bro-mance between Dalrock and Pastor Wilson. For those who don’t remember, Dalrock is a red pill and Pastor Wilson, well, he is just kind of like a blind and stupid pharisee. Anyway, for those blessed to be completely uniformed, the two have had a falling out. Dalrock now accuses Pastor Wilson of not hating on women enough and Pastor Wilson accuses Dalrock of being disoriented.

Isn’t that a bit like just stamping your feet and declaring, I do too hate women! I hate them just fine! You’re just disoriented!

Ai yi yi.

So why do I follow either of these fools? Well, at one point I really thought that perhaps Pastor Wilson would hear me, I thought he would get it. I thought, the man is a Christian, and a pastor no less, so surely if I just explain the problem with the red pills who follow him, his fans, with the way his teachings are being perverted, being used to justify outright abuse of women, that something would click. I thought, if nothing else, at least his antenna would go up.

Like, Hey, Pastor Wilson, see there’s this thing called Alt Christianity, the red pills, and they seem to be using your book, “How to Exasperate Your Wife,” as biblical justification for how to batter your wife and bang hot Asian teens on the side. So Pastor, here’s a whole bunch of lost boys really needing some ministry. Why don’t you just bop on over there, and you know, preach the actual gospel……

Of course, I did that before I knew Pastor Wilson’s very real history and evident hostility towards victims of abuse. Than I wasted an incredible amount of time trying to defend the observable fact that there is strong correlation between Pastor Wilson’s teachings and the red pills. It was very challenging since nobody ever reads those sites….the same sites they seem to know everything about. Amid never ending accusations of being delusional and bearing false witness, that truth is the truth and still remains somewhat obvious to anyone willing to see it.

Unfortunately, Pastor Wilson’s primary concern seems to be that Dalrock and the red pills might be mistaking him for a feminist. His second concern seems to be wallowing in self pity, feeling maligned and misjudged by both sides. He says, “The feminists ignore my insistence that a husband must be the kind of head that Christ was—one who sacrifices himself. The Dalrock option ignores my insistence that the husband is the actual head of the home. Both do it for the same reason—they can’t make the two things fit together in their heads, so I must not have said one of them.”

No, you self absorbed and overinflated, pharisitical windbag, the issue is simple. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I don’t care whether you subscribe to husbands being the head of the home or you’re pajama boy dancing on the bed in his underoos, it is always, always wrong to wallow in bitterness towards women, and to use the bible to cloak your sins as if scripture somehow justified and advocated for violence towards women.

Dalrock and the red pills do that every single day all over the internet, and it’s not just some little microaggression or something.

Also Pastor Wilson, your Christian sisters, victim advocates, many women married for decades, many who actually believe in headship, have invested a great deal of time in trying to bring our concerns to your attention. If you’re incapable of caring about women, the least you could do is try to care about our faith and how the red pills are maligning the name of Jesus Christ.  Also, if their treatment of women doesn’t bother you,  their frequently stated goal of dismantling the church and destroying Western civilization, should at least give you some pause.

I plan to kick this dead horse until some light bulbs come on.