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A big weight has come off my shoulders, a huge frustration in my life that I really thought was hopeless. I’ve long carried so much sadness, grief,  frustration, anger, a sheer sense of powerlessness and futility about the opioid epidemic in this country.

Ten long years of praying for justice without ceasing, of praying for the Lord to keep my heart right because I’ve just wanted to shoot some people. Meh, some people probably need shooting.

I actually worked in health care for about ten years, low man on the totem pole, so no authority at all, no ability to say, hey I don’t care what healthcare mandates say, I don’t care that writing a script is the fastest way to treat the symptoms, this just ain’t right. This is actually hurting people. Well, I said it more than a time  or two, it’s just that my opinions carried no weight.

I quit my job a little over a year ago. I felt like a mule, a drug runner, an enabler. I simply cannot morally, go pick up another 150 perfectly legal, totally prescribed pills,  for so and so’s imaginary back pain. I mean, their major addiction that is pretty much just like lying in the street with a heroin needle in your arm. In fact, that’s exactly where some people wind up. That and dead.

Dead is depressing. Like, people don’t die because we helped them become bloody addicts, people die because they, “experienced a medication interaction.” And this is the legal side of things, the part of our health care system that genuinely tries to care. At least I think they try to care, I think they believe they are being ethical and moral. People are in pain, we need to treat pain, right? Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t.

The darker side is that Obamacare made it really easy for criminals to crop up, for profits to take precedence. Pill mills and organized crime. Hat tip to Nightwind who tracks some of these things, who reminds me justice is alive and well somewhere on the horizon.

Addiction is not something I handle really well, or perhaps it is, perhaps I handle it quite well, as in I really understand how damaging enabling can be, how addiction doesn’t spring up in a vacuum, how it is nearly impossible to maintain an addiction without plenty of suppliers and a way to get money to feed it. Friends, family, love perverted, can actually be very crippling for addicts. It can make them sicker. They need to face the consequences of their actions, they need to hit bottom, they need to run out of resources.

That doesn’t happen very often with Obamacare, with insurance, with a caregiving community that just wants to supply their every need and relieve their discomfort. Virtue signaling again, trying to show how much we care, while in truth not caring at all, because if we truly cared about them and not our own “caring image,” we’d be hitting them upside the head with some tough love.

People often don’t change until change is the only choice they have. We don’t help people to make that choice when we insist on removing every obstacle on the path to self destruction that they may encounter. We actually make it worse. Our compassion really can kill.

Really frustrating for me, in this neck of the woods, Obamacare is like, sacred. You can’t say a word because it’s heresy. You can’t speak the truth. You can’t explain to people how your own family in now uninsured for the first time in 30 yrs. You can’t show them the thousands of dollars in fines you were once burdened with…for being unable to afford insurance. You can’t tell them that some 16 yr old woman can now get free birth control, but grandma can’t have her heart medication that actually keeps her alive.

And you sure can’t speak of the opioid epidemic, the one that has now claimed so many lives, taken our children, ravished our communities. What’s the matter with you, don’t you believe poor people are entitled to pain meds?

You also can’t really teach kids about the dangers of synergy, about the way death is so much more likely to occur if you’re mixing your drugs. In a world where a kid can go on TV speaking about “stupid a**hole parents” who know nothing, and a government eroding family rights, and a culture insisting marijuana be legal and opioids be readily available, well the deck is just stacked. And the results are tragic.

I don’t think this country really understands, I don’t think they grasp the depth of the problem, how much misery and heartbreak surrounds this issue. I know  many don’t see the suffering, not really,  because if we did, we would have stormed the castle walls with torches and pitch forks long ago. There’s just something about addiction that tends to breed so much denial.

So, so, many young people have died, in what really feels like an orchastrated attack, a mass murder that didn’t have to happen, not on this scale, if only someone had listened, if only some really legitimite concerns had been heard, if only teh stoopid had not reigned supreme for so long.

Teh stoopid is not reigning any longer.

People sometimes get disgusted with me, they get mad at my support of President Trump, but it’s simple really. For the first time in a long time, somebody heard my wail of despair, somebody took the government charge to, “protect the common welfare” seriously.

The common welfare. Boy, could I write a thesis about that one.