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pexels-photo-676180.jpegI totally snagged that off the radio, but a woman said to remember when you’re feeling insignificant, you are actually sheltered in wings of the Almighty, so you are literally cloaked in Significance. Amen!

I really enjoy a good play on words, and that simple word “in,” is something I write about often, so the hidden truth lurking within the word “in-significance” caught my fancy. Yes, we are in-Significance.

It’s a bit funny, I’m fairly smart, so I go ask the Lord for a word expecting something huge like, “antiestablishmentarianism” and he just hands me the word “in.” Wut? That’s like, a tiny little preposition!  Little did I realize at the time that the meaning of that tiny little word in Hebrew is really in-credible. I’ve written about such things here, “In the beginning” and “The Most Important word in the bible”

I shall now add “resting in significance beneath the wings of the Almighty” to my collection of powerful, transformational uses of the word “in.”

The lady on the radio said something else I really appreciated however, she spoke  of the skill, the tactic of surrender. She got her revalation about feeling insignificant, about comparing herself to others, by surrendering, by dropping the rope and saying okay, so I’m insignificant. And we are, we all are insignificant and very small, feeling invisible sometimes. But her revalation came when she surrendered rather than resisting, and eventually found herself triumphant, resting In-Significance.

The apple of her Father’s eye, so to speak. A Father who saw her, who cared so deeply, He gave His very life to know her. That’s significance.

I mention it becasue surrender is a favorite spiritual warfare tactic of mine, too. It sounds a bit crazy becasue it’s counterintutive, to “surrender to win.” We tend to think resistence is the key to victory, but often in a spiritual context it is the precise opposite. Lay down you sword, humble yourself, and let the Father fight your battles for you.