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Kind of fun, a couple of my favorite bloggers have recently written about miracles, very different articles for sure, but both quite charming to read.

Mel Wild’s About Miracles and  also, The Christian Soul: Miracles by D.Patrick Collins

Something I really appreciated about these two posts, they’re well grounded, well-reasoned, so click to read them. Myself, I tend to be a bit more charismatic, out tripping the light fantastic, celebrating the miraculous, but safely tethered to the Lord, if you will.

That right there is a miracle all by itself. It’s a complete 180, a full reversal. It may not come across in my writing, but I grew up with a lot of new age stuff, cultians, spiritual pursuits, and I just shutdown to anything supernatural. It simply did not exist, which, let me tell you, is a most inconvenient conviction to have, if you follow a supernatural God.

CS Lewis once said, “Aslan is not a tame lion,” which always makes me laugh. The Lord  is good for sure, but full of surprises.

weds1I sometimes say, the Lord covered my eyes, like you might cover a child’s eyes, so they cannot see something that they are not emotionally or spiritually ready to see. I like to think of my self as Wednesday on the Adam’s Family, surrounded by the “spooky” but a bit like a fish doesn’t realize the water is wet, I’d just roll my eyes at the very thought. Water is obviously a total myth. It doesn’t exist. Not only is the supernatural unreal, you can just keep your “woo” far, far away from me, because it’s downright stupid. That blindness actually allowed me to survive some questionable things.

The Lord sure can be persistent! He is simply not content to leave us in the state he finds us in. It’s very a hard to fully know the Lord in that split, spiritually numb, condition. It’s a bit funny, I so completely rejected the miraculous that I simply rationalized that Jesus rose on the third day because God said He would, absolutely no miracles required. It was simply a “God-said.”

Today I do believe the resurrection was rather miraculous, quite so in fact, but I still hang onto my old definition because it is surprisingly insightful for a blind girl to have once seen. A miracle is simply a “God-said.”

A God-said is everything. God said, “let there be light and there was light” and it was….miraculous. A miracle is just a God-said that catches us unaware and takes our breath away. Life itself is a God-said. Somebody smart once said, “you can either live your life as if everything is a miracle or else nothing is.” It’s rather sad to be trapped in a state of being where one is unable to receive the miraculous.

A pastor I rather like has recently made the point that a miracle tends to happen fast, whereas a healing is a slower process.  I’m well acquainted with healing, mind, body, and spirit. It really can be slow, painful, hard work, but it transforms you, changes you in a miraculous way. I just want to put in a good word for the miracle of healing, for the Lord’s ever so careful work, for His process. It’s not nearly as dramatic as turning water into wine, but the miraculous nature of Jesus and how He transforms our lives is well documented and observable.

Also, quite miraculous.