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This is Rachel Oates. She is responding to a “Christian” article titled, “Why God Wants You to STAY in an Abusive Relationship.” It is written by my old “friend” BGR, of Biblical Gender Roles. BGR is a red pill, well acquainted with Tomassi, Dalrock, etc. He likes to advocate in favor of oppressing and abusing women in the name of Christ and spins biblical justifications for it. He is infamous for having once declared that there is biblical precedent for marital rape and that you are entitled to simply drape an imaginary “napkin over Medusa’s face,” so you aren’t tempted to empathize with your wife’s feelings.

Needless to say, that is the one article about Christianity that the secular world decided to pick up on and spread far and wide,  rather than the 75 million other articles written by real live Christians who are actually living, writing, and breathing the love of Christ in marriage.

This is what makes the red pills so dangerous. In an inner world ruled somewhat by logic, love, and common sense, it becomes immoral for people to accept a version of Jesus Christ that is in direct conflict with our own innate morality, feelings, and the things we know to be morally true.

Yes, even secular humanists have an internal sense of right and wrong and a capacity for reason and logic. If you believe that being a Christian means you must embrace things you know are morally wrong, it will create inner conflict that can lead you to reject Jesus Christ and the bible entirely.

God designed us that way. Rachel is not the one in error here. She is recoiling in horror, exactly as God designed her to do. Rather than kicking people like Rachel for rejecting faith, we need to be kicking red pill Christians for deliberately creating secular humanists in the world.

The enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. This is what a robbery looks like.