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Never read anything that doesn’t offend you!  No I jest, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. We all need to experience some like-mindedness now and then. Also, some things are downright offense and should just be avoided in the name of all common sense.

But I mean we people really need to get over our sense of offense and perpetual moral outrage, our fear, our desire to smite one another for having opinions. I am forever getting unfriended, unfollowed, that’s it, now you’ve just gone too far. Usually it is sparked by a post so far back, I have no idea what the alleged offense even was.

Also, the context is always missing. Like, that silly fluff piece on kale was written six months before I even knew you, so it could not possibly have been meant as a slam on your recent blog post full of kale recipes.

Kale tends to get me into trouble a lot. Modern people seem to have a lot of foody issues and not showing the proper amount of reverence is a bit like committing heresy or something. (The proper word here is polemics people, “polemics,” not heresy.)

We need to ponder these issues when reading the bible, too. Stop taking everything out of context, stop taking offense, consider the possibility that you may not fully understand what is being said and in what context. Also, some things were actually designed to cause perhaps a twinge of offense, a bit of discomfort. Sometimes the things we read trigger feelings. Feelings won’t hurt you. It’s okay.

Alas, I’m preaching to the choir. Those who need to know this stuff already do and those who don’t, won’t listen to me anyway.

Deep, cleansing breath.  Happy Friday, people!