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lion-safari-afika-landscape-40756.jpeg Nightwind wrote a really good post linking to an in-depth article Matthew Rose wrote about the Alt Right called,  THE ANTI-CHRISTIAN ALT-RIGHT, the perverse thought of right-wing identity politics.” It’s a beautiful thesis, well researched and presented. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Alt Right and probably a few things you didn’t.

I’m always interested in the intersection between culture, politics, and faith, so I started observing and following the rise of the Alt Right about five years ago. A subset of the Alt Right are the red pills who I have written about extensively.

First let me say, “Alt Right” is a big umbrella. I don’t like to label entire groups as if they were all the same. I myself have been lumped into the Alt Right category. There are traditionalists, conservatives, and people who are simply right leaning in their politics. That is not what is meant by “Alt Right.” Alt Right is a cultural movement, a cult really. Very cultian in their tactics, style, and presentation.

Matthew Rose focuses on my primary concern right here, “The alt-right is anti-Christian. Not by implication or insinuation, but by confession. Its leading thinkers flaunt their rejection of Christianity and their desire to convert believers away from it.”

They do this much like the evangelizing atheists do, by seeking to make decons out of people and to lure them into the cult, with one key difference, the Alt Right is smart, sophisticated, and organized. Many of them are “Christians” or appear to be or present themselves as such. They know how to use enough scriptural truth to lend credence to what they are saying, but their purpose is not to bring people to Jesus Christ, it is to bring people in the Alt Right cult.

Flat out, they believe and clearly state that Christianity and conservatism are threats to Western civilization and they wish to destroy both and replace them with their own utopian visions.

It’s an issue that really troubles me. I stayed up half the night waiting for the SBC to pass a resolution condemning these groups and the vote was very close,  the struggle to get people to understand the danger and what is really going on with the Alt Right, is very challenging. People tend to think this is a conspiracy theory or you’re just making a mountain out of a molehill. The whole mess is entwined with politics and carefully concealed under pseudo Christian values, so it’s not an easy whistle to blow.

Also, the Alt Right has a lot of minions on the internet who attack and silence people who try to speak up.  They retaliate, doxx you, threaten you, harass you in real life, contact employers, etc,etc.  Not long ago Comichound, a tiny blogger, wrote an excellent Christian response,  a point-by-point rebuttal to an Alternative Right (Alt Right) statement of belief,” and I’m fairly certain he felt the backlash. Just the same he was right on.

One of the hardest things for me has been trying to get people to listen. It’s kind of like trying to point out that there are a pack of wolves circling out there and people just go, don’t be ridiculous. That just sounds like a conspiracy theory. Well it isn’t, it’s very real, and it’s a large enough movement to be concerned about.  What bothers me the most is how deceptive they are, how easily people can be deceived. They are look a-likes, copy cats. They are neither conservative nor Christian.

So, I’m very grateful to those who are paying attention, to those bloggers brave enough to stand up and say something.  I’m also grateful to the SBC and to some Catholics too, who have seen the canary in the coal mine and understand the implications and the danger.

If you read your bible, if you know your Lord, if you hear His voice, if you have a good support system, you’ll see right through these people and not be deceived at all. Tragically a good hunk of Americans don’t have those things and so they are vulnerable to the seduction of promised power that the Alt Right is so good at exploiting.

“I will hand you the kingdoms of the world,” said the Father of all lies.