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baby-cloth-clothing-color-41165.jpegI just loved this post of  Colorstorm’s called, “God, sin and diapers.” Yes to it all! Click to read it, it’s wonderful.

I wanted to spin-off of his post a little bit, since I come from atheism, since I first encountered the presence of God when I was 3. I am not alone either, the number of children who have experienced a close encounter of the God kind is simply amazing. From talking with some of them, from walking out my faith, I have come to the conclusion that we know God as children, that seeking Him is innate and natural, that having an open mind and an open heart is what often leads us to encounter Him.

As children, there is no reason or guile, no disbelief, no cynicism or doubt that causes us to block or to disbelieve what we are seeing and perceiving.  What makes atheism, non belief so cruel, is that it must be indoctrinated into children. They must be taught to doubt, to distrust, and to disbelieve. Atheism must be nurtured and enforced, guilted and shamed into existence.

To this day I maintain that atheism is actually emotionally and psychologically abusive, even when it is cloaked in the velvet glove of “love,” lying and trying to say, I’m just raising my child to be a free  thinker and make their own choices….

Nope, you’re simply projecting your own shame and wounding onto another person and forcing them to choose between their loyalty towards you and their own innate biology and spirituality. There are varying degrees of that abuse, but abuse it is.

It seeks only to steal, kill, and destroy our relationship with our Creator. A relationship we are hardwired to seek.

Alas, sin is also innate to who we are as children. I’m chuckling here because I can keenly remember being completely baffled as to why I had both a desire to do good and desire to do bad and to hide it. The desire to hide it is a bit funny because I grew up in the 60’s and nobody was hiding anything.

There were no cookie jars at our house and there was no morality either. I could have stolen cookies and lied about it until the cows came home and it probably would have actually pleased my parents.  But I didn’t “want” to.  I did however, do numerous other things over the years just “knowing” this is not right, this is not what I want, this so misses the mark. But Whose mark? Who put it there? Why is it there in the first place? Trying to be obedient to God, as rough as my understanding was, was not so easy because it often ran contrary to what my parents wanted.

I of course, have no cross referenced, empirical data, to prove any of these things. I have nothing but my own testimony really, that and the testimony of others. God is real, He is tangible, and He comes to live inside of us, and when He does, He changes everything.

I’m 53 years old now. My mother is still angry with me, she disapproves of my “lifestyle,” she thinks I am delusional, believing in fairy tales. Just the other day she told me there is no such thing as sin and she is angry about it, angry I will not come into agreement with her.

That is the very essence of  atheism, it cannot even see the nature of its own self. I could have a child gone wrong six ways past Sunday, a child whose lifestyle was enough to make anyone fret, but the very nature of sacrificial love would compel me to declare yep, I still love her, that’s just sin rearing its ugly head.

Atheism can not do that. Atheism must annihilate what sin has not already destroyed.

Shout out to our VP Mike Pence, too. I’ve been accused of being mentally ill my entire life, an especially painful accusation when one knows the truth, and when one also knows that mental illness is a serious disease that should never be mocked or maligned as if it indicates foolishness or something. Labeling Christians mentally ill is really wrong-headed, and it is wrong-headed to me personally. 

So right on schedule, with God’s perfect personal timing, up popped Mike Pence suddenly declaring, you know what? This is not okay. Don’t be calling Christians mentally ill. Knock it off.

I so liked that! So hat tip to the Lord for knowing just what I need and when I need it. Hat tip to Colorstorm and to our VP too, for standing up and calling it like it is.

Atheism and the hatred of Christians is not a victimless crime.