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pexels-photo-256737.jpegHubby is an awesome guy, very good to us all. Just an ordinary man, but certainly a man that proves that God loves me. Bit of an earthly rock there, sometimes a boulder you have to try and push up a hill….but I digress…

He continues to work very hard, something I would like him to lighten up on, but he’s rather excited about his work right now. He is in desperate need of a vacation, but somewhat engrossed in what he is doing.

pexels-photo-256621.jpegI finally convinced him to buy a recliner. That was amusing. Recliners are supposedly for old people and once you get one, you never get out of the thing. That may well have some truth to it, but still, he needed a recliner so he could put his feet up. Naturally he refused to test drive any in the store, least he find them comfortable and decide we should take one home. In the midst of trying to employ every possible wile I have to get him to sit, this couple came into the store, probably in their 20’s, but they looked about 16. They were carrying on about old people who cling to their crappy furniture and refuse to buy anything young, hip, cool, like a “modern” recliner.

Hubby looked at me suspiciously, as if they might be actors in some play I had scripted. They were not of course, my skills are not that inventive, but I do sometimes seem to have a rather timely and Divine WiFi connection.

So, not to be outdone by the young punks, we bought a recliner. Naturally it is perfect and just what he needed, like I said in the first place, for months…on end.

bridal-son-in-law-marriage-wedding-38569.jpegIt’s somewhat amusing, seems like I spend most of my time arguing in favor of what is good for people, kids, husband, friends. Just do it, take the plunge, be good to yourself. Eat your veggies, brush your teeth, put your feet up….no, no you can’t make me! So much resistance over the simplest things, sheesh.

The other day the kid, nearly 16 now, needed a nap. Sore throat, tired, cranky, time for a juice box and nap. Noooo, you can’t torture me with a nap! Oh, the horror of a soft bed, the woe of warm covers, the trauma of rest and relaxation. You’re trying to ruin my life!

Most of the time people make absolutely no sense to me at all.