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cropped-biscuits.jpgRead this interesting article on worldviews, called, “What’s So Bad About “Worldview,” a matter that’s been on my mind for quite some time now. I really appreciate the mention of 2 Timothy 3:7, the reminder of how we can be, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

Filled with knowledge, but totally unteachable. Another name for that is a know it all, rigid, hard hearted, closed off.

With all good humor here,  God inspired Paul write those words just for me. I suffer the affliction, or I would suffer the affliction of smart and strong women everywhere, IF the Lord had not been so patient and purposefully in leading me to a more humble state of mind and intellectual curiosity.

Don’t believe everything you think you know. Or as the bible says, Lean not into your own understanding…

A bit funny, a while back I  read the “Benedict Option” by Rod Dreher, and one thing that jumped out at me was that our world views are very different.  He actually linked to a quiz on his blog and pointed out the fact that his own, “Christian worldview” scored rather low on the quiz. Myself, I hit 100%, a bit annoyed that some of the questions were not more firmly planted in the truth. Ha!

And so not trying to be unkind here, but I thought, why in the world would I follow you out into the wilderness to create a Christian bubble world when you are five times more of the culture, more of the world than I am? Wouldn’t that be just like recreating the same old problematic culture just in a gated community labeled “Christian?”

The first article I mentioned says in regard to world views, “As a metaphor, it need not be evaluated as “right” or “wrong,” but rather in terms of whether it is helpful or unhelpful. Does the metaphor of “worldview” itself help us to view the world more accurately or faithfully? I’m inclined to think not.”

I’m inclined to “think not,” too. Being a person with some strong opinions, I have several worldviews of my own, belief systems, politics, ideals, values. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, it’s just a matter of priorities.  Like, anything you are not willing to let go of and surrender to the Lord, anytime He asks it of you, has probably taken on an idolatrous role in your life.

Idolatry causes us to stumble away from the truth, every single time.

In the West, it is often politics that threaten us with idolatry, as in “conservative” has almost become equated with “Christian.” I say that as someone who is rather conservative in my own views, but just the same, our political beliefs, our declarations of our own Christian worldviews, are NOT what makes us Christians.  What makes us Christians is, nothing but the blood of Jesus…

Nothing else.

What the world, our own  country needs right now, is Christians willing to surrender some of our own rigid worldviews, some established belief systems, and reach out to one another, to be open to receiving  people with different worldviews without  hostility. That really takes a tremendous leap of faith, great courage, but what concerns me the most is that we really need to do it, because until we do, our faith is not actually in Jesus Christ, it is in our own belief systems.

A faith build on Jesus Christ alone, will stand the test of time, but a faith built on nothing more than our own personal worldview, our own politics, our own understanding, is as fickle as we are.

I like Rain-X, Rain-Guard, substances you treat your windshield with to keep the drops away. I do this because it rains a lot around here and my wipers often have this propensity to give out on me. But actually I do it because I just delight in watching water suddenly run uphill. That is what those substance do, they rally the forces of physics and make water run uphill. I love to sit in my car, stare at my windshield, and simply watch water defy gravity. Water flowing skyward is just  surreal,peaceful, and puts a smile on face.

Those drops of rain dancing uphill on my windshield, sent back heavenward from whence they came, remind me to believe in miracles. Suspend your disbelief. Be willing to let go of what you think you know and to believe in the power of the One you follow. He created the rain, He walked on water, He can change the direction of a river in an instant.

He alone should be our worldview.