I enjoyed this and just had to share. What Dawn calls “grab it,” I call reaching for the brass ring, like on an old fashioned merry go round. I use to fear losing a finger.

As to those “weird old testament prophets,” yep, those are my kind of people 🙂


neuschwanstein-castle-467116_1280One indisputable characteristic about the Old Testament prophets—they were weird.  I don’t say that disparagingly, but c’mon, they were not always the kind of people you’d invite to a office picnic.  Calling down fire from heaven, tying themselves in knots, and all that. 

Of course, they were good to have around when something needed fixed.

Case in point, the prophet Elisha has been persuaded to come with some of his students to build a new meeting place.  In the course of events, there was a problem:

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