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Anybody ever covered a child’s eyes in an act of protection? It can be kind of a reflex, something explicit comes on TV or perhaps you pass by a squished raccoon on the road way. Cover your eyes. What we are doing is trying to protect the kid’s psyche. There are some things they are not yet emotionally ready to process, they don’t yet have the foundation to carry  such a heavy spiritual weight.

We’re trying to put a hedge of protection around them. Prevent nightmares. I suppose it’s an old-fashioned notion. Today with internet porn, horror movies, and some appalling music, our ability to protect our kids from psychic harm is much more challenging.

God has treated me like that proverbial child more than a few times, quite a bit as I was growing up, and still on occasion there are blind spots He won’t let me see. You can’t see this yet, it’s  not for you.

If you are infinitely curious and have a desire to understand absolutely everything RIGHT NOW, it can be bit hard on the pride. Scripture builds itself up precept by precept, a little here, a little there. Drink your milk so your teeth come in good and strong and then we’ll give you a steak.

It’s a real act of kindness, of protection, of love. I’ve always been fascinated by God’s gentleness, “God’s anesthesia” as I call it. He causes Adam to fall into a deep sleep before popping out his rib. God does not give us more than we can handle emotionally and spiritually. He does not cause us to suffer needlessly. It sure feels like it sometimes, but He is right there watching over us, doing what is best for us.

I know God has covered my eyes before and I know He still does it today. I can sense the protection, the love. I am kind of like that kid that can’t ever stop asking, Why? Why? Yes, but why? For the most part God reveals to me exactly what I need to know and calms my spirit. And sometimes His answer is simply, Not yet. You’re not ready to know.

Even though I can see this truth so clearly in myself, I struggle to honor it in others sometimes. I tend to meet their blind spots with frustration rather than grace. I forget sometimes that our Heavenly Father is in charge of how much we each see, and when we see it.

To be fully “woke” as the culture likes to say, can be like delicate brain surgery. It takes time, a life time perhaps, there are multiple intricate systems at work. You don’t want to go in with a sledge-hammer and just be done with it. That’s my own heart sometimes, however. So it won’t fit?  We can just make it fit, we have a tool for that….

On the internet I’m often quite prepared to just pry people’s eyeballs open with toothpicks if necessary and make them see. I seldom act on it,  but that is what often lurks in the back of my  heart. Ha! In my defense, when you step into a pit of vipers or a den of fools, it ain’t so easy to perceive them though the eyes of grace…..

I require being around bit of like-mindedness, for us to be speaking the same language, on the same page,  even if we are focused on different paragraphs within that page. Seriously, I have to surround myself with others who speak my language, and I have to do it with intentionality, or else my anxiety, my panic, my impatience, will hit the red mark on the thermometer.

Just saying. I know others share my impatience, my frustration with people, my inability to meet other people with grace, to honor their process and to trust that the Lord will give them the eyes to see and the ears to hear when the time is just right.

There’s an old saying that always makes me chuckle, “those of you who  think you know everything, annoy the crap out of those of us that do.”

Lot’s of double entendres there, but the truth is that some ideas are simply better than others, some perceptions are more closely aligned with the truth. The Truth however, is actually a person, not a thing, as in, “I am the way and the life, and the Truth.”