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Vive la revolution,”I totally snagged that title from Wine and Cheese Doodles, words used to describe a post about, “the cascade of sexual assault allegations which are coming down as thick and fast as Niagara Falls”

Hat tip also to Tricia who wrote a post about how integrity matters, called, “Bill Clinton, Roy Moore and the Politics of Hypocrisy.”

I appreciated both of those posts for different reasons, but I think what came through so clearly was the integrity, the willingness to look beyond the superficial politics and address the heart of the matter. That was encouraging.

I am deeply disappointed with several people I was actually rather fond of who were enthusiastically talking out of one side of their neck when all these allegations were coming out about Hollywood, but suddenly flipped when Judge Moore and the church were mentioned. All of a sudden women always lie. I read their heated words, I saw their heart, and thought, so is that what you’ve secretly thought of me all along?

It was hurtful, but this too shall pass, and that’s nothing like the anger and frustration I feel towards some popular pastors who decided to weigh in politically, in ways I found to be very demoralizing and disrespectful towards women. There are 50 who signed a petition in favor of Moore and against his accusers.

Pastor Wilson is now at the top of my manure list after deciding to wax poetic about nubile young women and Potiphar’s wife. It was exceedingly tacky in light of the fact that he is also well-known for  dropping the ball in a couple of sex abuse cases within his own church. His words weren’t just insensitive,  they were perverse.

I was so upset by having gotten a peak into the ugly heart of political conservative Christianity and afraid I was going to say some things I might regret, that I took a few days off from blogging and seriously contemplated just throwing in the towel. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t send me an email telling me to shut up, anyway. Then there are the never-ending porn links. People may not realize it, but sitting on this side of blogging allows me to see some things others do not, some things I’d really rather not see, like the truth about rape culture.

The Lord has a funny way of speaking to me sometimes, in the midst of my frustration with some men who really should know better, this guy suddenly decided to mansplain sexual harassment to me. It was comical because he was so heated I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but I soon became enamoured by the truth of what he was actually saying. If we as a culture all know what a “casting couch” is, than we have no business accusing women of lying, ever. Our very acceptance of the notion of casting couches, as a way of life, speaks to the fact that we know perfectly well what sexual harassment is and we have not only accepted it, we have condoned it, created it, and established it.

If you know what a casting couch is you don’t get to fein shock when somebody discloses abuse and you certainly don’t get to accuse them of lying.

If our so-called moral leaders, some of our pastors, some of our churches, some, cannot stand up and simply say,  it is wrong for 30-year-old men to prey on teen age girls, and wrong for the church to cover it up, we have not only accepted it, we have condoned it and enforced it.

Enforced it. Those who would speak of “nubile young girls” and “Potiphar’s wife” in the same breath are enforcing rape culture and silencing victims.

So, vive la revolution, indeed. Or as those of us on this side of the cesspool might say, drain the whole damn swamp.