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ratNot sure why, but I’m getting an incredible number of articles all around the theme of, “Be Afraid, Be very afraid, the Black Death is coming.”

Here is one such article,  “Plague death toll RISES – officials admit there IS risk of global outbreak.”

Of course it is accompanied by all the scary pictures, skulls, bones, bring out your dead, people in hazmat suits, etc,etc. Also, a never-ending reminder that the plague wiped out about 50 million people across Europe. Be afraid, it could happen again in only 24 hours!

Total rubbish.

Buried in nearly all of these articles, somewhere in tiny print no one ever sees, is the truth, “The strain can be easily treated with antibiotics.” The reason why some 50 million people may have died in Medieval Europe from the Black Death is because there were no antibiotics back than. It is easily treatable today and we even have cases in the US that hardly anyone talks about anymore. Here is an article from a while back that says basically the same thing I am, “Plague Occurs in U.S., But Is Treatable.”

Indeed, it appears as if Madagascar is dealing with the plague and it is sad to see 165 deaths.  However, given the poverty, the challenge of treating everyone, the lack of antibiotics, that is a death rate of about 10%, which as sad as it is, is remarkably good for a disease that if untreated, can be pretty darn fatal. I’d like to see 100% survival rate, but for tiny country along the African coast, 90% is something to celebrate. With tooting horns and fireworks.

So hat tip to Madagascar for a job well done and a big “Boo” to the fear mongering media.


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