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I love that song, Stormy Weather,  Billie Holiday. Also Lena Horn, Etta James.

When he went away
The blues came in and met me
Oh, yeah if he stays away
Old rocking chair´s gonna get me
All I do is pray
The Lord will let me
Walk in the sun once more

That rocking chair is going to get me too. I am quite happy curled up in blankets by the fire….for eight months.  We had a good storm blow through and I do love a good storm as long as nobody gets hurt. The power was out for hours, trees were crashing down. My son asked “what is going on out there?” And hubby said, “November.”

Made me laugh.

As the days get shorter and darker, I have a tendency to want to hibernate. Who wants to take a walk in the wind and the rain with wet leaves smacking you in the face? Things always get so challenging in the winter, it’s gloomy out, the car won’t start, sometimes the pipes freeze. One thing worse than no power, is no water.

So I have nothing to offer the blogging world today, just this keen awareness that I have to drag myself out of hibernation and actually go “do” something productive.