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What makes a guy “creepy?” That’s a serious question, one I am rather curious about.

There’s been some discussion about the recent Roy Moore scandal. Alabama politics, what can I say. It just is what it is. That case has actually disturbed me, rattled my cage a bit, because I’m rather annoyed by more than a few conservative Christians. They don’t know whether to defend the guy as totally innocent, or to pat him on the back, or to demand he resign, or to attack his accusers and claim they are all lying, diablical, evil women….

You can’t have it both ways. Or four ways all at once.

Me, I’m left more like, why is this even news? Who in this country did not know Judge Moore once dated teen age girls and went on to marry a woman 14 yrs his junior? That’s kind of undeniable, backed up by the evidence. The question is not, are the accusations truthful, the question is, so why have people not cared about this fact for some 30 years? Now that the truth has come to light some people are offended, shocked? They want him to resign and yet I’m thinking, so if he is guilty of something, those of you who have condoned and ignored his behavior for some 30 years are at least as guilty as he is! 

So than Tomassi actually wrote a post called “The Creep,” giving his quite pathetic red pill contribution to the matter of creeps. For those who don’t know, surely the red pill is all about how to be a total creep! One cannot actually create an ideology around being a creep and then blame women for thinking you are creepy. That’s just dumb.

The whole mess of massive human stupidity has me seriously contemplating, so what is it exactly that makes a creep, “creepy?”

Full disclosure here, and said with all good gallows humor, but I come from such a rough side of the tracks, my creep radar is probably all broken, with little shards of glass ground underfoot. Hypocrisy will offend my delicate sensibilities far more than the truth of human nature and human behavior. I’m way more offended by the morally self-righteous that by actual creeps themselves. Sorry to say, but at the moment that would be more than a few Christian conservatives.

Right on schedule the Onion came out with a poignant bit of satire, “Area Man Afraid Some Woman Might Come Out Of The Woodwork To Hold Him Accountable For Something”    Biting and sarcastic, but so, so true, “I’m honestly starting to get a little freaked out that a woman could, out of nowhere, start demanding that I take responsibility for something that I absolutely did.”

Oh, ouch.

Let me throw in the sheer irony, the comedic disaster called “tweets that age badly” but George Takei of Star Trek fame sent out some rather nasty tweets about Donald Trump lamenting how “stars” can get away with anything…….just a short time before being accused himself of sexually exploiting a guy. That’s some comedic or karmedic justice coming around to bite you in the behind, right on time.

Ai yi yi. It’s like a pop culture race to the bottom.

In case it is not already obvious from this post, I am going in four emotional directions all at once. I empathize greatly with victims of exploitation who have been harmed and silenced by powerful people. I am keenly aware of how often women are not believed and why they are so often forced to hang onto toxic secrets and the damage that can cause.

Not just women either, the Seattle Mayor has just resigned after some 30 yrs of predatory behavior towards young boys.

I also empathize with those who, like the Onion portrayed, fear being either confronted by the truth or else falsely accused.  I’ve seen a lot of hurt and wounding from men who have been labeled a creep or called a creep or simply perceived to be a creep. I’m aware of how subjective that label can be when women toss it around casually.  It’s hurtful.

Can any guy at anytime be perceived as a creep?  Yes.  Are guys in general being labeled creepy by the culture at large? Yes, I think so, the problem being the confusion we are sowing. It is allegedly creepy to be a biological man, but not creepy at all to just fancy yourself a sea lion? How can anyone make sense out of something like that?

All in good humor here, but that thing about sexual sin? Yeah, I think God meant that. The amount of grief, shame, suffering, chaos we can inflict up on one another when we forget we are made in His image and decide to just do things our own way is pretty astounding.

But I’m also going to lament the shame based, puritan, pervy, sexual confusion that seems to afflict a great deal of Christian conservatism. That shaming, self-righteous, moralizing attitude has a whole lot to do with creating the culture we now find ourselves living in. Our inability to be open about sexuality, honest ourselves, and exceedingly merciful towards others, is a huge part of the problem.

Life is so much simpler here on the wrong side of the tracks.