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doormat3I totally repent of my despair over local politics, (and national ones) my complete lack of faith in people, and my propensity to assume the worse is yet coming down the tracks, once again.

The worse did not come down the tracks and I am sitting here rather pleasantly surprised, quite grateful for a resounding “no” that was like a shot heard all across the cow pasture here in Hicksville.

In my defense, I do live in the 9th circuit of hell, so failure is not an option, it is actually a way of life. Yep, pile more taxes on my head, yep erect more impenetrable walls, yep throw multiple barriers in my path. Why settle for  a bad situation, when you can always just make a bad situation so much worse?

I’m an ex-political junkie with a heaping dish of cynicism on the side. A while back the Lord said, we need change all this, the attitude, the despair, the learned helplessness, the frustration, the unforgiveness towards the sheer number of complete morons in charge….

As you can see, the Lord has had His work cut out for Him, as in I was not the most cheerful or enthusiastic about this whole idea. I have however, been doing my best to be cooperative, to focus on the positive, to perceive politics with some mercy and grace, and to glean whatever good may be lurking beneath the swamp rocks. Crawdads are good,  right? Frog legs perhaps? Deep fried with butter and garlic….

This morning in prayer it occured to me that this may actually be one of the most subversive acts I’ve ever tried to engage in. Can you be cheerful about politics, positive, encouraging, can you actually say, it is well with my soul and I have no complaints?

Bahahahaha! I am definitely a work in progress.

I tried this out on my husband this morning and I’m pretty sure he just hissed at me. Yep, definitely a hiss. Apparently there is some legal requirement that one be perpetually disgrunted about some political issue at all times. To be socially acceptable, one must moan and lament the horror of it all, commiserate with whatever unpleasantness is being inflicted upon us.

Pretty subversive to even attempt to suggest that politically things are coming along quite nicely, everything is right on schedule, couldn’t ask for better.  Yikes,  pretty sure I’ll be sitting all alone at dinner with no one to talk too. Nothing seems to annoy people more than someone cheerful about politics.

Hat tip to a few heroes of mine, those who stand out in the cold and warm my heart, and those who say sensible things that catch me by surprise and take my breath away. Common sense, it’s a rare gem and to see it displayed anywhere these days is enough to just make my bitter little heart sing.