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It’s a bit tragic, but comical too, I get fan mail, some of which gets filed immediately in spam, some of which comes through email. Sometimes I read it or put in my file of Rave Reviews. I find it funny because I am really just a tiny blogger, a nobody in the world, so hardly worthy of a proper stalking or the effort it even takes to actually send hate mail.

Somebody smart once told me, “Hatred is just love perverted. The opposite of love is not hatred, it is indifference.” So there is that. At least I do not create indifference in the world.  I’m just often left staring at love’s backside.

Along with the usual violent porn threats that my gender seems to attract on the intertoobz, recently I have gotten a few of these,

“Last WARNING mc from Antifa. STOP posting racist, sexist and homophobic content on your fascist blog or we WILL punish you. We know people within the Democratic party.”

Or the other version, “Last WARNING jg from Antifa. STOP posting racist, sexist and anti-semitic content on your site or we WILL hack it.”

For the record, there have been several of these “last warnings.” These people are worse than Google who has been calling me every single day for five years now, with my final notice. If only these people would get on with the “final” part already.

That  line about the Dems  cracked me up. I also know people within the Dem party. Is that supposed to be a scary thing? Wait… is Pajama Boy planning to come after me or something? That might be scary. Will he be wearing a clown mask?

Always the conspiritress, I wonder if that just might be a poe, an imposter? If I were a bored Alt Rightie, I just might decide to target the Christian moms and grandmas, pretending to be antifa, hoping to give the D’s a bad name. A bit of rhetorical trickery going on, some reverse psychology.

I imagine if I were a normal person reading that threat, I just might go running right into Daddy Trump’s arms, save me, save me from the big and Scary Antifa, Pajama Boy, and the whole Dem party….

On the other hand, I’ve often believed that some of the worst of the worst Alt Rightie extremists had to be plants, they simply must be double agents trying to make the Right look bad, because no human being could ever be that pathetic and embarrassing under their own steam.

Apparently I was quite wrong about that, and there really are such talented individuals in the world, capable of being fully pathetic all on their own. My mistake.

Such things are totally wasted on me. Here some poor fool is trying to be scary and intimidating and I simply assume you are a bit of satire, a parody and a caricature  presented for my entertainment and comedic enjoyment. We can blame the Babylon Bee for having permanently corrupted me.

Alas, it is with some regret that I find myself compelled to apologize to my Antifa Spamming Intimidater. It is not your fault that you are just not scary, these things are simply a matter of perspective and my perspective is all broken. I mean, I am already living in an asylum run by Insane clowns. How much worse could it possibly get? How would I even know?

There are also numerous people in my life far more scary than you, Antifa Poe Guy, and those guys have actually taken a number and are now waiting patiently in line for the opportunity to intimidate me.  Some of the actual racists I have chatted with are rather disturbing, a handful of red pills can be quite disconcerting, and then there is always Vox Day, a man so paranoid and insecure, you have no idea when he is going to just start screaming like a teen age girl and begin shooting at anything that moves.

I keep telling people, you have got to get this thing right, how to win friends and influence people, how to manipulate human behavior. More rewards, less punishments, remember that. I mean, for a small fee or even a fat juicy carrot, I’d cheerfully say almost anything you want.

So Antifa Poe Guy, welcome to the intertoobz. Judging from the naiveté of your comment, you are probably new here. Words of advice, be extra careful about wandering around alone at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It’s a bit weird out there.