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Pastor Randy said something I really appreciated the other day, “We are afraid of what we do not understand–and really afraid of what we DON’T WANT to understand.”

Oh boy, is that the bane of my existence, the blight on my potato! It was a timely reminder because I often forget that. I forget that some people don’t want to understand or to change.

Some people DON’T WANT to understand.

Another Pastor once told me, “they do it because they believe it is acceptable and they can get away with it.” Such simple words, but they have often eluded me. I will drive myself half mad attempting to weave elaborate explanations for other people’s behavior, always assuming they just don’t know any better.

I’ve spent  a lot of time trying to explain to spiritually blind people what is sitting right before them. Spiritual blindness, it’s just something my brain doesn’t like to accept. They can’t see it, because they don’t WANT to see it. I always think I should be able to show them, because if they knew better they’d do better.

But that isn’t true at all and I know it. There’s always a payoff, a reason why we stay trapped in things we claim to not want to be trapped in. We don’t want to understand, because understanding might require us to give something up.

Pastor Randy’s post was about mediocrity. I may well be somewhat mediocre in life itself, but I have never wanted a mediocre relationship with the Lord, never the quiet complacency of  perpetual safety and comfort. Don’t settle for mediocrity.