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green-eyedI’ve had it, I am totally putting my foot down, which basically amounts to shrieking into the depths of cyberspace.  I have managed to get myself on yet another “Christian doormat list.”

For those who don’t believe this is a consistent problem, see this post, Doormats R Us….

Rational Wiki this time, which should probably be called Irrational Wiki. Lists are good, lists give you blog hits, so a proper doormat would simply go, meh, well look at that…

Here’s the problem however, and I am going to go there, there is a stereotype and a group of people who bash Christianity pretty relentlessly who wish to sell a narrative that suggests all Christian women are doormats, abuse victims, indoctrinated. In case anyone missed the reference, doormats are what we wipe our feet on. That is actually the very epitome of sexism. It is painting women of faith with a broad brush and a negative stereotype.

So too is declaring that women are all brainwashed by their husbands and vote without thought as they are told to do, but that is a whole other subject. There is nothing on the View that can’t be fixed properly with duct tape.

Anyway, right on schedule I recently asked a young girl IRL if she were a Christian and she promptly replied, “No, I’m not into that whole doormat thing.” So you see, it is a stereotype that often drives women away from faith. It is a false stereotype. Women come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.

Also, abuse is not related to passivity or the behavior of victims. There are some powerful, strong  people of both genders  who have fallen prey to domestic violence. I would hope in the year 2017, with so many people virtue signaling about how much they care about abuse victims, we could manage to just slay that myth for good. Passivity does not cause abuse. You could lay down across a doorway and that would not give people the right to abuse you. (For any rare retrograde Christians out there, laying down in a doorway also does not prevent abuse.)

With so many people virtue signaling how much they care about sexism and oppression, you would think we could manage to stop being so sexist in the process

So, 3 fold purpose to this post, labeling ALL women of faith “doormats” is really sexist, implying abuse is caused by victim behavior is false, and promoting such stereotypes drives people away from faith.

It’s also complete hypocrisy and harms women.


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