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For the cultural reference click here.  Words of wisdom, but I’m telling you, just take the blue pill, swallow the blue kookaid, enjoy the bubble, close your eyes and feel the music.

From wikipedia, “In the film, the main character, Neo, is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The red pill would allow him to escape from the Matrix into the real world, but living the “truth of reality” is harsher and more difficult. On the other hand, the blue pill would lead him to stay in the simulated, comfortable world of the Matrix.”

Stay in the Matrix. Seriously! Bravely “living the truth of reality” can be so seductive and it really appeals to the pride, as if you can be one of the few, one of the elite who is able to bravely confront the harsh truth of reality no one else wants to face. It can be a very seductive idea but it is a trick, a deception.

I know of what I speak because if you are pretty intelligent, it can be a bit like being perpetually trapped in the red pill. When someone pulls quarters out of their ears, you don’t laugh delightedly at the trick, you just see the deception. I have actually had to work very hard to find the truth and beauty beneath the surface, like the goodness of the magician and the effort that went into his practice just so he could entertain people. Trapped in a red pill state you will only be able to see the deception in front of you and the liar deceiving you. It is a miserable way to live your life.

Take the blue pill. Enjoy the mystery of it all.

Not long ago I watched some red pills, manospherian red pills, attempt to brainwash this guy, to convince him that he is not really happily married, his wife doesn’t actually love him, some day she’s just going to leave him and take all his stuff anyway. It was ugly and dark and effective. He was soon questioning himself, feeling doubtful, desiring that in group approval. I watched him try to rationalize the truth of his own experience versus what he was being told was the truth, and the cognitive dissonance it was causing. That’s actually a form of psychological abuse. “Don’t be a blue pill loser,” they told him.

So eventually the guy began to remember he was a Christian, he took his marriage seriously, and that maybe he should just go talk to his wife instead. He noticed these guys who were saying things to him had an agenda, they wanted him red pilled. They do indeed,they don’t want to see anyone happily married and they need to sell lots of books, videos, and conference materials. They were totally gaming the guy.

I am a huge fan of critical thinking, of questioning everything, including God Himself. There is no question of ours that He can’t handle. So absolutely, ask questions, think for yourself. That is not incompatible with being blue pilled at all.

The problem with the red pill is that it is very seductive and deceptive. You think you are being smart, attaining top secret truths about reality, when in fact you are simply being brainwashed and manipulated. I have no idea why it is so seductive and appealing, but for many it exploits a human weakness, a desire for power and in group approval, perhaps.

I write about it over and over again not just because of the manosphere and their red pill games but because it is a tactic used by cult leaders, evangelizing atheists, and by those who wish to radicalize people. For me it is a bit like watching lambs go to the slaughter over and over again. I don’t like it.

The red pill allegory actually represents knowledge and  freedom, and the truth of good and evil. It never ceases to amaze me, but that is precisely what seduced Adam and Eve in the garden. Don’t eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

So, if someone sidles up to you and says, “Pssstt, how would you like to take the red pill and gain secret knowledge of good and evil,” just do me a favor and walk away.