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satanI found this meme to be darkly comical, tragic in the sense that indeed, there probably are Christians who have gotten much of their spiritual education from watching TV shows like Supernatural. “Supernatural” for those who don’t know, is a TV show about a couple of cute guys who hunt demons.

Darkly comical meme too, because I’m pretty sure no teacher that actually wants their job would dare to even suggest that Lucifer is bad, let alone speak of God.

Lucifer is quite popular where I live. Like, what could possibly go wrong there, right? I call him the bad boyfriend. Terribly seductive, very beautiful, he has a powerful draw and attraction. Somebody smart once said, “if your eyes meet across a crowded room and you feel that magnetic charm…..run.” Those aren’t the butterflies of love you’re feeling, that’s your gut telling you to get the heck out of there.  Red flag!  Danger,Will Robinson, Danger….

Our kinder, more empathetic souls have a great deal of trouble judging Lucifer. They aren’t so sure he’s the bad guy in the story. They spin excuses for him, they reason that God is being unfair, that Lucifer is just a victim, that he’s been bullied. God cast him out because God is mean. Lucifer was just a hapless victim, trapped between trying to love God more than he loved mankind, as you see displayed in this meme. God sent him to hell and all the poor, tragic, angel of light was trying to do was to love God as best he could.

That’s all wrong. Muddled thinking. Not biblical. Just for starters, Lucifer fell to earth, not to hell. He is sometimes referred to as the “god of this world.” At the end of the story he may well wind up in a lake of fire, but he ain’t there yet.

I have this simple rule, born of living in this neck of the woods for so long, “God heals, Satan destroys.”  That’s how you can tell the difference. Does it heal people emotionally, spiritually, physically? Than it’s of God. Does it just seek to destroy, drain them of all that of good and beautiful? That’s NOT of God. God is love and life and light. Lucifer is death and decay.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He is first and foremost a thief. He steals everything, including our joy. He is also called the father of all lies, because he operates by deception.  The devil is a liar. He lies about everything.

We often call Jesus Christ “the Truth, the way, and the life.” He is Truth, He lights the path before us, He never deceives us, He brings clarity to our chaos. He is life-giving and life affirming.

Lucifer does not love humanity at all. He is not in trouble with God for loving humanity a little bit less than he loved God Himself. There is no love there anywhere. None. He wishes to destroy us. That’s just pure hatred that wants to see us tormented for all of eternity and you can’t ever soften that heart, it’s not a human heart wounded by the world, suffering from indigestion, or just misunderstood and lacking love.

How do you hurt God, all-powerful, all-seeing,all-knowing? You attack and hurt what He loves the most. That would be us. “For God so loved the world…..”

When I picture Lucifer I just see a 14 year old girl, someone’s precious daughter, now wasting away from meth and heroin, missing teeth, covered in sores, one of the walking dead, the walking wounded, all that is precious and good being stolen from her, just drained away. I have a sister like that, just lost somewhere in her own head now, robbed of what she was once meant to be.

I see Lucifer at work too, when a small child is trying so hard to spin excuses for her parents, to explain why they sleep so much, why the power is shut off, why they are not there at some event. Lucifer steals our innocence, he tries to separate us from our own parents and from our heavenly Father, too. He wages war against our capacity to give and receive love.

I see so many tears and heart-break and sadness. I see war, death, disease, addiction, pestilence, child abuse, torture, torment. There is nothing good there, no truth and beauty, just endless sorrow and misery. Jesus Christ is actually called a man of many sorrows and He came and wept for us.

The devil is a liar. Besides being an angel of light with a certain kind of draw, He likes to mislead us into believing he is more fun and that God is just boring. God as the ancient, grumpy grandpa,who doesn’t want you to have any fun. B-o-r-i-n-g, as in if you’re very good, maybe he’ll let you spend eternity sitting quietly on a  cloud listening to endless classical music. Sheer torment, I tell ya.

God isn’t like that at all. The devil is a liar. God is actually quite scary, what I call scary-good, a bit like riding a roller coaster or jumping out of an airplane. Get into the Lord, get into The Word and He’ll soon have you breathless, wide-eyed, proclaiming, “Lord I never knew you.” Indeed, He is full of surprises, out of this world, beyond our ability to even know Him fully. Definitely NOT boring. Terrifying perhaps, but not boring. Benevolent, good, possessing a deep and enduring love for His creation. Trustworthy.

Don’t be deceived. There’s a lot of Sympathy for the Devil in these parts, born of false compassion and misplaced empathy. Learn to discern his game and thwart the enemy. All he wants to do is steal your stuff and lie to you.

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game……