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A couple of really good articles opposing the CBMW’s statement on gender and sexuality that I thought I’d share


Nashville Statement Takes Evangelicals the Wrong Direction

And also,

Why I Won’t Sign the Nashville Statement


Something I really appreciate is some critical thinking, some open debate, a willingness to examine and question our beliefs. I have never found anything in scripture, in faith, that did not hold up well under a barrage of questions coming from all directions. Not once.

There’s a lot of emotionalism, hyperbole, politics, the entire LGBT lobby,  and just some down right crazy opposition that I can’t even make heads or tails out of. Speaking to you, Jen Hatmaker.

However, there’s also some very well reasoned and valid opposition, and even some more in line with some of my objections, people who agree with the essence of the statement, but not it’s heart, purpose, or mission. Both of these articles did an excellent job  of presenting that case.