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lionsSo allow me to attempt to clarify my complete lack of enthusiasm for the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood’s Nashville declaration on gender and sexuality.

As I said in my other post, “Could I be anymore ambivalent, vaguely annoyed, indifferent, completely unimpressed? I grow weary of all these endless statements, these pronouncements of doctrine, these weird theological declarations.”

I could not feel more ambivalent. In its literal presentation there is nothing wrong there. It is simply affirming what Christians have believed for thousands of years. There are a whole lot of presuppositions going on, however. In order to be in agreement I’m going to have to know what you mean by things like, “divinely ordained differences between men and women.” I’m going to need to know because I read a debate that argued that the Divine difference was that women have no souls. Not trying to be uppity here, but I rather like my soul!

Another presupposition  revolves around, “God’s original creation design.” I love God’s creation design, it’s man’s design that gives me pause. Does woman exist for the glory of man? Well sure! Does that now mean she doesn’t exist for the glory of God at all? Because seriously, that was also the subject of some debate. Salvation through marriage, Salvation through childbirth, Salvation by man alone. The eternally cursed, soulless Eve, whom God created to be in perpetual servitude as revenge for the fall, is allegedly bigger and badder than the blood of Christ Himself.

This is the heart and the spirit lurking beneath some of the simple words we read today. I followed the debates, I read the chatter, I even gagged a few times. Words are cheap, they can say what ever you want them to say. We need to examine our intent, our presuppositions, the heart behind what we are actually saying and why we are saying it.

Something so simple as “wives submit” can mean “delight in the lead of the one who would lay down his very life for you” or it can mean you must submit to adultery, domestic violence, polygamy, and assorted abuse, because you, my Soulless One, are not fully human, existing not for the glory of God at all, but only for the glory of one broken and wounded man.

Hey guys, you already have a Savior who martyred Himself for you.

I do take issue also with the part of the declaration that states we can just all agree to disagree over Eternal Submission of the Son. Not, I cannot.  ESS now puts my Lord and Savior in the role of an eternally submissive wife in 3 way trinitarian marriage in which the Father is the boss and just pours His wrath upon Jesus for all eternity.

Well, call me crazy, but as prescription for marriage, that just ain’t looking so good. Jesus is now the battered spouse in a trinitarian marriage who’s only path to salvation is in His unconditional obedience and surrender.

I cannot agree to disagree. This stuff is just blasphemous and perverse. Also, stupid people actually believe it.

IB has a sharp eye for hypocrisy, the ability to read emotional undercurrents, and some powers of discernment that might even be called cruel. I’m not going to apologize for picking up on intellectual dishonesty and the condition of people’s hearts. I’ve said a million times, that is actually biblical, critical, importantforus to do. “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”

This is like watching the Gong show.

Scott McKnight really summed it up well for me, “Beside the hybris and irony of their now connecting the Nashville Statement to Nicea, Constantinople, and Chalcedon, a Trinitarian theology many of their signers have not been affirming (with their unorthodox theology on the eternal subordination of the Son), here’s my response: Those we can’t trust for orthodoxy on the Trinity can’t be trusted when it comes to morality.”

Exactly. I completely agree with all the simple words they wrote about gender. The problem being, they threw all their moral authority away when they went and tried to tinker with the very nature of the trinity simply because that 3 way relationship refused to conform properly with what they wanted to perceive and believe, and to declare to be the only proper “Christian worldview.”