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cakeIt’s my birthday today, although I often need to take the whole month to celebrate. That’s become my thing, remembering to take the time everyday to celebrate life, to celebrate having been born.

Even better if I can invite the One who “knit me together” and “fashioned my heart” into those moments of celebration.

My kid posted a picture my dad drew of me so long ago, right before I disappeared from his life. Those were years of separation, injustice, grief, a season of sadness that impacts me to this day. God is faithful however, He heals, He restores, He replaces what has been stolen, tenfold.

He has done huge work in our family, there have been generational curses broken, there was healing and restoration, fun and good times before my dad passed away, and he died with his faith firmly planted in Jesus Christ. I take great comfort in that, because some messes I just take one look at and Β think, abandon hope all ye who enter here. Β Just burn it down, this mess is too big, too hopeless, not even the Creator of the universe could fix this. Not true at all, God can fix anything.

Does anyone remember those really short dresses with the frilly underwear? I’m laughing here, but today I love long dresses for that very reason. Fashion from the 60’s and 70’s needs to die a slow and tortuous death. What were we all thinking?