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zuch 2That’s a misleading title. Fake news. I’m auditioning for a job at the Washington Post. I figure if I get it wrong often enough, they just might hire me.

That is actually from John Branyan’s post, Choose Your Own Zucchini. Read it.

It’s a bit funny and made me laugh and that is how I came to conclude, “The Pope is a Zucchini.” Seems reasonable to me, the Pope is Italian and so is zucchini. Well, actually he is not Italian, but he does work in Rome and Rome is in Italy.

I have never paid much attention to Pope’s before. No disrespect intended, it is just that they have never said anything that bothered me or made me a laugh. Not so with Pope Francis, he and I are good friends, intimately acquainted, and he doesn’t even know it. I jest,  but seriously I have never had to speak up in a favor of a Pope so much in my entire life.

It is not that he has ever said anything particularity ground breaking. It’s just that the response to him has been so irrational, so controversial, so perpetually offended.

Shhhhh……..I don’t think it’s the Pope’s fault, I think it’s a sign of the times.

The Pope has managed to rile a few people up by suggesting that he really didn’t think children should be taught/encouraged to choose their own gender. Seems sensible to me, but my ability to weigh and measure “sensible” has now been scrambled into eggs. I have just come from arguing with some Catholics about lines of authority, red-headed step children (also known as protestants,) and the Pope.

Is the Pope Catholic?

I think the Pope is Catholic.

Since the Pope is Catholic, I believe he is your authority.  Meaning it’s a bit silly for me to unleash the entire protestant  reformation all over your zucchini, in defense of your Pope, especially in a discussion about protestant defiance. Just saying.

Welcome to 2017, also known as crazy-upside-down-world. Clowns in the asylum everywhere. It is what it is.  Scrambled eggs with zucchini.

Pope Francis is actually not a zucchini, he simply said, “God created man and woman; God created the world like this and we are doing the exact opposite.”

I’m offended, offended I tell you. How dare he.