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Okay, let me start with how I should be thankful perhaps, for God opening my eyes and showing me exactly how strange beliefs, ideologies, perceptions, can get implanted into people’s minds under the guise of being “biblical.” Downright abusive things sometimes, things that just make me go, huh??

I have often heard something strange and wondered, how in the world did you read the same scripture that I did and come to that conclusion? What the heck? God has clarified that to me six ways past Sunday, so it is not as if I haven’t gone directly to the Author Himself. Where in the world did this perversion come from?

This is how it all happens!  People take their own perverse ideologies and try to bend scripture to conform to them, rather than allowing our own perverse ideologies to bend and conform to scripture. Than they write books. Then people read those books, are validated in their flawed thinking, and begin to call it “biblical. “

Scripture molds us, we don’t mold it.

That is how you wind up with insane things like how a husband is a mini Christ who stands between God and a wife’s salvation, or how scripture declares women are inferior and therefore husbands can abuse them, or how women are still under the curse of Eve for all of eternity, while men were redeemed by Jesus, or a myriad of other foolishness I don’t even want to go into. Suffice it to say, our values and belief systems shape our behavior, and behavior shaped under false teachings can get pretty dark and ugly, fast.

Not in my bible, not in my faith. I just won’t have it. God is steadfast and true,the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

So of course I now read of Deep’s plans to write a book and just roll my eyes, because this is what I have been talking about for so long, the potential problems arising with red pill infiltration into our churches. He says,

“Dalrock has pretty much exposed almost every pastor for pandering and pedestalizing wives in marriage. Unfortunately, the “red pill” has a bad reputation, even though much of the information is true due to users using it in immoral ways. The only way you could possibly make any sort of in-roads into a Church is through a book based solely on Scripture.”

Right off the bat, when you have allegedly exposed every single pastor as being dead wrong, there is a slight possibility something is awry with your own thinking. Iron sharpens iron, if nearly every speck of iron around you is now deemed unworthy, something is way off. I am the last one to believe in mob authority, but there is a certain kind of authority written into, “the bulk and majority of other believers everywhere…..”

Let me take note of the second irony, red pill has a bad reputation, much of which is true due to users using it in immoral ways? So supposedly there is some “moral” way to engage in pick up artistry,  porn, dread game, to psychologically and emotionally abuse women, to convince her God Himself has designed her to be worthy of such treatment?

We have a name for that. It’s called olde and boring game, totally predictable game, third day of having to eat beans in the pot game. It’s not original, it’s not even interesting. But there are casualties of that game, there is collateral damage, there are women who do not have the eyes to see, women who trust men spiritually and get really hurt by this nonsense.

Men subscribing to these beliefs are also going to shut down their own growth, quench the Holy Spirit, remain trapped in wounding and brokenness. When men abuse women it’s not her spirit I worry about, it is his. I am NOT accusing every single red pill of abusing women, but I am flat out saying, these are the ideas and mindset that pretty much always lead to abuse of some kind.

Many people have tried to ease my concerns by simply announcing, it’s all good, red pills aren’t “real Christians,” they aren’t actually saved.  Besides, no one reads them anyway. Yeah, right. I’ve seen the numbers. I’ve also seen the many Christians, churchgoing ones, married ones, embracing red pill ideologies, errr praxeologies, or whatever rhetorical trickery you wish to use for basically just saying, we believe that male dominance, perpetual superiority, and any perversions ensuing thereof now trump all else and shall be perceived as “moral and good.” As biblical.  As scriptural.

I suppose there is nothing new under the sun and I have now gotten very philosophical about false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are everywhere. I can’t stem the tide, I can’t slow them down, and I can’t point them to the Light either.

So, Deep, and even Dalrock, good luck with that book of yours. As the saying goes, it often seems as if you two are, “just one epiphany away from a good paradigm shift.” May it be a soft landing and not a road to Damascus moment.

Anybody who ever wondered why pastors often say, “will everyone turn to their bibles,” or, “I’m reading out of such and such today,” this is a rather pragmatic example of that “why.”  I’m pretty sure that people who teach us things all wrong are going to be in a heap of trouble, but just the same, a whole lot of our suffering could be prevented if we would just take the time to read the darn  instruction manual for ourselves.

And the rest of us? Well, I suppose we just have to spread the Truth of the Good News a little bit harder and level up our whole game.