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Patrick has written a couple of great posts:

To Fear or Not to Fear…The Fear of the Lord (Part 1)


To Fear or Not to Fear…The Fear of the Lord (Part 2)


Fear of the Lord is something I call scary-good, as opposed to phobias, anxiety, fear that paralyzes you. It’s a tough thing to describe because fear is perceived as such a negative in our culture, while ironically we’re also some real fear mongers. The media, Hollywood, advertisers, politicians, sometimes it seems as if everyone is selling fear, hyperbole, anxiety.

Perfect love casts out fear.

Fear of the Lord however, is a really valuable thing to study and understand because it is rooted in reverence, awe, and power. Someone who is not scary, also lacks the power to protect you. They lack the power to move mountains on your behalf. They lack the authority to provide, to lead, to guide you. They are not bigger and badder than your circumstances. We a have a hard time respecting and trusting what we do not also fear……..”fear,” in a good way. Fear of the Lord is the kind of fear that makes you run towards Him in times of trouble, rather than away from Him.

Anyway, enjoy Patrick’s posts.