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“Ku Klux Klan rally draws loud counterprotest in Charlottesville 

Not “utterly surreal,” not “the most abysmal thing ever,” not an “epic and shameful tragedy,” as my facebook feed and friends have proclaimed. What this is, is an ordinary and routine bit of WAPO hyperbole. Dirty laundry, click bait designed to get people all riled up and shouting at one another on facebook.

Speaking of getting people all riled up, IB shall now attempt to pull some pearls out of the cesspool and explain why this is actually a beautiful testament to America, a sign of both freedom and free speech in action, an example of justice prevailing and calmer heads ruling the day.

I suppose you’d have to read the article rather than the headline in order to really see those pearls, but consider the fact that large KKK rally was organized nationwide and look at some of those numbers. Over a thousand counter protesters, an extra hundred cops lending support to local law enforcement, 22 arrests, and……30 Klan members.

30! 30? The hysteria in the face of those numbers kind of ticked me off actually. This is America, we went to war with Britain, we survived the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and yet people today lose their stuff over 30 alleged Klan members who had to be escorted down the streets by over a hundred cops? Shoot, the number of counter protesters arrested almost exceeds the number of Klan members who showed up in the first place!

Someone told me one Klan member in America is one too many. That’s fine, but I think one panicked WAPO article designed to sell fear and division is “one too many.” There are many things in the world I’d like to just fling off my planet. However, you can’t just wish things away. You can’t deny people their rights. You can’t force people to think the way you want them to. What you can do is refuse to let mediated reality control your fear and outrage and to refuse to give such foolishness your attention.

More people showed up to comment on just one facebook post about Charlottsville than the total number of Klan members at this “rally.”  According to Google, the population of Charlottsville is 50,000 and 5 times that many people were searching for info on….30 Klan members.

What we feed, we will  fuel. I dream of a day such things simply die of neglect and when 30 people show up to march, the world just looks away, somewhat bored with the whole foolish notion.