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Because we are defiant Americans, we don’t always celebrate the 4th of July on the 4th of July.Β  It is called “Independence Day” for a reason. Somewhat funny, but last Friday kicked off the holiday, Saturday had me at a patriotic celebration, Sunday was a delightful 4th of July service at church, and Monday had me tailgating at Wal-Mart to watch the fireworks with the kids and grandkids.

Those of us in the know would call the bluff overlooking the fireworks, “cheap skate hill.” Cheap skate hill is where all the cheap skates go who don’t want to pay to get into sporting events or deal with traffic or crowds. Word has apparently gotten out, because cheap skate hill is really the best seat in the house, and as such it has now gotten very crowded. So, with much delight, I found myself at a huge tailgate party in the Wal-Mart parking lot last night awaiting the fireworks. We did all the usual things, ate too much, talked too much, and simply enjoyed the night sky and the beautiful weather.

I should mention that my grandchildren are the cutest, the bestest, the most awesome-est grand children ever.

There’s a lovely field, a patch of grass on the bluff. My husband declared we were going to spread out on the rougher patch, the less mowed and browner part of the hayfield, which I found peculiar…… until the sprinklers came on and sent everyone on the greener grass fleeing. It was quite entertaining as everyone sought refuge on higher ground. About part way through the evening, the sprinklers came on at their new location too, and sent them all squealing for cover.

All in all, it’s been quite a charming weekend and now that the 4th of July is actually here, I plan to just stay home, water my yard, and perhaps make a pot roast. There could be a nap involved too. We’ll just call it, “resting in the Lord.”