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Snagged this off of facebook, but I really liked the article.

“A Map of the Soul” by Michael Egnor.  He’s a professor of neurological surgery writing about both the “material and immaterial powers of the mind.”

Anybody ever seen brain surgery? It is a trip! Sometimes people must be kept awake so the surgeon can map the brain, so he can know where exactly he is poking around. It really isn’t painful, but the thought of it can be a bit disturbing.

I came to a similar conclusion myself about the existence of our souls, about the mystery and wonder of it all, from psychology, from studying people with post traumatic stress disorder, from observing that there is clearly something more to us than the physical. We are not our brains, although you do want to hold onto yours as long as possible.  I’m just saying there is an essence to us that transcends the physical, that exists beyond our egos and our brains, that simply is not physical. I’ve written about it a few times, like in The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Michael Engor, in spite of all our science, our modern understandings and misunderstandings, and his own experience in neurosurgery,  steers us back to Thomas Aquinas’s map of the soul. It was an encouraging read.