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alice2I jest. This particular kind of plagiarism is actually the highest form of flattery. The plagiarism of ideas, as in yes, somebody else actually gets it! I really appreciated the above article which begins, “…you might have felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.”  You don’t say?? Imagine that! Am I not the Girl in the Blue Dress?  I have no less than 45 posts tagged “Alice in Wonderland Logic.”

Indoctrination. Brainwashing. Perception is not reality. Algorithms, ideology, cultians, and facebook, oh my. People are actually being brainwashed on the internet, our behavior and perceptions of the world, manipulated. Fake news, biased news, confirmation bias, the molding of public opinion and we are the lab rats.

rabbitYou can’t really protect yourself simply by avoiding facebook or turning off the news, although those are good ideas. But you sure can protect yourself by becoming aware of what is going on, by not believing everything you think, and by watching your own emotional signals. We all have our own preferences, opinions, ideas, but we also are very fragile, very vulnerable to in-group preferences, “group think,” and our own brain chemistry and biology can become very addictive. Seriously.

That’s a conspiracy reality, not a conspiracy theory. I call it Mediated Reality.

I really like the point he made about how, “Talk is hard in a tailored world.” Amen! It’s very hard to share ideas and debate issues when people’s views, opinions, beliefs have already been shaped and affirmed.

He closes with, “So let’s think about the long-term formative effect of our Facebook feeds that reinforce our righteousness, and figure out ways to respond with cheerful confidence in God’s good purposes for the world.”

Amen. Let’s do that.