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oakThe Daily Prompt today is “meddle.” Meddle means “to interfere in or busy oneself unduly with something that is not one’s concern.”

It’s an apt word today because I have had a long-standing disagreement with one of my favorite sayings, “do not meddle in the affairs of dragons because you are small and your bones are crunchy.” Here in the 9th circuit of hell, I have had many opportunities to see that posted somewhere and to speak to it. It’s adorable, wise, makes me laugh….. and so very wrong. Wrong for so many reasons.

We should meddle in the affairs of dragons, least the dragons take over and start meddling in our affairs. I suggest some preemptive meddling before you find your entire front yard taken over by dragons.

Also, learn how to protect yourself. Dragons are not known for their integrity and honor. Dragons do not look at you and go, oh look how that nice woman minds her own business, she leaves us be, we’ll leave her be too. Oh no, mind your own business and dragons just look at you like easy prey, a crunchy little bacon wrapped snack. Like duh, “do unto others” is not a part of the dragon mindset. Your own goodness will not protect you from them.

Here in the land of rugged individualism where everyone is kind of like an island unto oneself, often people must be reminded, you are not a dragon either. I realize that these days we can self identify as anything we want, but pretending you are a dragon and warning everyone not to meddle in your affairs is a really bad idea. Many people have tried that already. They’re all dead now. Dragon food.

In truth what you really want is for someone to be meddling in your affairs. That’s a sign of love, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. People who meddle care. True, some will care for all the wrong reasons, envy, to make themselves feel better, self-righteousness, whatever, but for the most part, to meddle means to care.

We don’t meddle as we should in these parts.

I sometimes imagine this land as the place where love went all wrong and left us stranded in the Land of Broken Toys because I am just that melodramatic and melancholy, my mood often matching the weather. Today is the longest day of the year and we are once again having #fakesummer, #fakesun. Tweet those out to the complaint department, meddle please. It is totally unfair that Arizona is hogging all the summer. I bet they’d be quite happy to lend us 20 degrees or so since the tires on their airplanes seem to be melting off.

We don’t meddle as we should in these parts. That’s a deceptive thing indeed, because in this land we give off the appearance of caring, so, so much, about big and abstract things, about politics and identity and how open-minded and awesome we are, and yet we don’t care, not really, not in the sense that we would take it upon ourselves to actually meddle in a way that could cost us something emotionally.

This can be a lonely, lonely place to live, and I see that grief manifest itself on our streets all the time. There are some though, who know how to meddle, who roam about praying over houses and people and businesses, mostly silent and invisible, but they are a mighty army of meddlers, bound and determined to set us free from what sometimes begins to feel much like spell in a fairytale.

Meddle in the affairs of dragons and don’t be afraid of your crunchy bones. Dragon slaying is what we were designed for, designed for such a time as this.