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The other day I wrote a post called Will the SBC Listen?

I said “I’m mildly curious about how the Southern Baptist Convention will respond to William Dwight McKissic’s resolution asking for the The Condemnation Of The “Alt-Right” Movement.” ”

Well, they have listened and stayed up half the night debating it, tabled it, and after some editing, and some blood, sweat and tears, eventually Southern Baptists voted overwhelmingly to condemn ‘alt-right white supremacy’

Amen! That is what it is like to be heard.

“I saw people identifying themselves as Southern Baptist and members of the alt-right, so this is horrifying to me. I wanted the Southern Baptist Convention to make it very clear we have no relationship to them.” -William Dwight McKissic

I share his feelings on the matter, I have seen the same darn thing and it has worried me. As I said in the other post, there is nothing wrong with being “Alt-Right.”  Many of those people are not hateful at all. However,the white supremacist fringe of the Alt right has indeed been publicly making their connection to the SBC known, while also declaring hatred to be a Christian virtue.

So I am pleased with the SBC for both their heated debate about the issue and their eventual edited resolution. Well done, many prayers were lifting you up the whole time, and many of us were uncertain what would happen or even what should happen.

I take note of the fact that at one point the resolution was tabled when the membership failed to move the vote forward. However, during that time, Richard Spencer, Alt-Right, white supramcist, took to Twitter in celebration, and whatever he said, it seems to have motivated the leadership to stay up all night and reintroduce a new and improved resolution.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

“I’m encouraged and heartened by this. It was the white people who said, no we will not take this sitting down.” – William Dwight McKissic