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owl“The truth about owls” is a bit misleading because Ā I really haven’t got a clue what owls are all about. There are many were I live and we have always viewed them from afar with some reverence and distance. They are wise old owls, somber and still, watchful, the owls of legends. Solitary and nocturnal.

Apparently not.

Apparently they are quite frisky, full of mischief, and stubbornly refuse to behave in an owl-like manner.

This photo is not great but there is a large owl sitting in my tree looking much like a part of the trunk. He scared the heck of me the other day, who who-ing right on top of my head.

“Who” sounds an awful lot like “Boo,” and it was most effective, I assure you.

This particular owl is huge. Mammoth. He is a pterodactyl sized owl. Perhaps not quite that big, but he does own my tree now. Actually, he now owns the entire front yard. It is all his. I surrender.

I am quite delighted with the owls and they can visit anytime, I just take note of the fact that their behavior has gotten peculiar. It is unusual for owls to come so close, in the day time no less, and to watch you so intently. There have also been some recent owl attacks nearby, some hats stolen. Dive bombing owls. Very un owl-like behavior.

Also, I have no idea what they want with all the hats.