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wwI went and saw the movie and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It exceeded my expectations and left me feeling rather hopeful about us as a culture. That’s kind of what superhero tales are supposed to do, teach us something and fill us with hope, but it’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen a comic book movie that actually does it’s job.

It did it’s job.

Douglas Ernst gave a good review here so I’ll let him do all the work,

Wonder Woman: Patty Jenkins nails the directing, Gal Gadot nails the role

Nailed it and stuck the landing, indeed.

First let me say, it’s actually clean, as in no gratuitous sex and violence. That strikes me as an incredible feat considering they’re dealing with two subjects, scantily clad amazon warriors and the horrors of WW1. But the costumes were tasteful, the fight scenes artistic, and the graphic evidence of bloodshed close to non existent. And it displayed some actual moral values. Β Dare I say it without causing an uproar, Christian values. I mean that in the sense of freewill and how love conquers all, not because we are worthy and deserving of such love, but because that is the very nature of sacrificial love itself.

Gal Gadot did the impossible. She gave us a very feminine character who actually likes men a great deal and has some softness and humility about her. She’s obsessed with babies and clothes too, which really cracked me up, because that is rather defiantly feminine and not at all politically correct. So, portraying soft, sweet, feminine, submissive even, while also a goddess warrior, is really a challenging paradox to pull off.

It’s a total fantasy of course, but what I really appreciated is that some of her greatest strengths were actually feminine ones, rather than an imitation or a competition with men. She is completely her own self.

Something else I found remarkable, what a war hero and a goddess dream of, their ideal of the perfect life, is the ordinary and human, the banality, the simplicity of a husband, wife, family, kids. There is a sense of longing and regret, an understanding that those things we sometimes take for granted and dismiss as boring, are actually the fruits of peace, the apex of all blessings, the epitome of human existence. Β You don’t really want to be a combat war hero or a goddess, you want to be the little guy who gets to live out their life in relative obscurity.

You are the dream all the superheroes gave their very lives for.