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I’m mildly curious about how the Southern Baptist Convention will respond to William Dwight McKissic’s resolution asking for the The Condemnation Of The “Alt-Right” Movement.” Their annual meeting is in a few days.

I’ve been writing about the red pills, the alt right, and some actual white supremists for some time now and asking just about everyone I know to denounce this rubbish, to speak out against it, especially that which is related to hatred and  the radicalization of young men, being done in Christ’s name.

Vox Day for example, who considers himself to have once been a member of the SBC  not long ago posted, “Hate is a Christian virtue.”

I have actually spent some time arguing with people who seem to believe that is true, mostly because I haven’t got the common sense of a gnat. I think it’s a real problem that needs to be addressed. I think as Christians we should be denouncing hatred every where we see it. And I’m not just speaking of racial hated either, but some pretty graphic and horrific stuff about women, about our country, and about the church in general.

Here’s an excerpt from the resolution, “RESOLVED, that we reject the retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases, and racial bigotries of the so-called “Alt-Right” that seek to subvert our government, destabilize society, and infect our political system…”

Uh, yeah, I would certainly hope we reject it! I totally support that. These are not mild challenges to political correctness or free speech in action, these are some appalling, blatant, and verbally violent forms of hatred going on. Not okay at all. Also, many people think these guys represent our faith, because these guys are actually evangelizing hatred and hiding it behind scripture and Jesus Christ’s name.

Here’s the problem however, the resolution is far too broad. I wish he had written it addressing the behavior and not the label “alt -right.” It’s too vague. Alt-right is a huge group, many who cannot abide the extreme weirdos hiding in their movement, either. This resolution is a bit like asking people to denounce “conservatives” or “liberals” or perhaps just “bloggers”in general.

We also live in a democracy, so every four years we really do seek to “subvert our government and infect our political system,” with our votes. Civilly, legally, even respectfully sometimes.

What constitutes “subverting” the government in a democracy is a complex issue. I was recently disgusted by Kathy Griffin’s subversive act and I believe she really crossed a line, but she certainly isn’t Alt-Right. She isn’t even slight right. Not the middle either.

Crucial difference however, she never hid behind scripture while declaring hatred is a Christian virtue, and telling people she self identifies as a past or present member of the SBC.

So something more akin to, “we resolve to condemn internet hatred, the   radicalization of people, and all forms of hatred being evangelized in Christ’s name, currently being perpetuated by some members of the Alt Right,” may have been better, more accurate, more effective.

As it stands right now, I have no idea how the SBC will respond, or even how I would like them to respond. I am however, hopeful they will listen, pay attention, and perhaps even start looking into the issue a bit deeper. There’s a canary in a coal mine here, singing it’s head off. They do that to warn you there’s a problem.