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Night Wind blogs about an issue always near and dear to my heart, lost boys, red pills and the radicalization of young men, the way our words truly do have power, how hyperbole, propaganda, and cultian tactics can be used to negatively influence behavior.

Click to read, but I just want to touch on one thing. Two brave men were murdered,they gave their very lives coming to the aid of a couple of teen age girls they didn’t even know, strangers on a bus really, girls of a different faith, of a different nationality, girls they had nothing to gain from knowing or helping. They stepped forward anyway and it cost them their lives.

That is what real men do, that is the very nature of heroism, that is the truth and beauty of who and what men are. That is why we treat them with what appears to some to be reverence at times, why we lift them up with gratitude, why we fight to defend their goodness. It has nothing at all to do with the alleged inferior or superior status of men and women, but rather a celebration of their great love for us.