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I read an article on facebook called, “Ten Ways Women Chase Men Away,” because, well because one never knows when they might need to chase men away and so I thought perhaps it would be good information to have.

Sheesh. Those women weren’t even trying! I mean, if you’re going to chase a man away at least put some effort in it. It was all very coy, like give him an icy stare. Scowl. Refuse to be happy. Complain about everything.

I had to go back and read the article a second time and then it dawned on me, ah ha! We’re not actually trying to chase men away in this article, we trying to learn how not to chase them away accidentally. Well now I’ve gone and wasted ten minutes of my life I can never  get back…….

Apparently no one writes useful articles full of clever questions for wives trying to chase men away like, don’t you have something outside you should be tinkering with? Do you have any friends or is that why you married me? Or my favorite, Seriously? Are you still here??

A lady I once knew used to call it getting underfoot. First you throw the kids outside, then you figure out how to get rid of the men, and then you have the whole house to yourself and life is good….