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We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure….Hebrews 6:19

Yesterday was a tough day, yet another day of just bearing witness to grief and suffering, to brokenness and despair. Collateral damage from teh stoopid arrived on my doorstep first thing in the morning, as collateral damage is want to do.

People so often seem to want to whack their head on a wall over and over while complaining of the headache. I can do nothing but hand them ice packs.

I tried to invite another gal to church but alas, she is gluten intolerant which I suppose is as good a reason as any to hide from Jesus Christ.

A young guy killed himself here, leaving shock waves reverberating all over the place. I wish it never happened, but it happens all to often in these parts.

There was the tragic and horrifying terror attack at the Ariana Grunde concert in Manchester, England, and such things press on me because such evil should not even exist in our world.

Somewhere  in the midst of the chaos of the day I began to feel grateful for the grief, for the sadness even, for the wisdom to be able to declare with absolute certainty, “such evil should not exist in our world.” Clear as a bell, I know that, I recognize it. In fact, we are not even made for this world, this world is not really our home, which suggests there is another way, a better way, a way of being we were actually designed to enjoy and exist in. Life and life abundant.

What makes the sad, sad, and teh stoopid, stoopid is how far they stray from what is Holy, what is good, what is God. I grieve for those who do not have Him, who’s souls are not anchored to His hope. That is to be truly adrift and alone.

“Jesus didn’t die just to get us into heaven, He died to get a bit of heaven into us.” I know the truth in those words, I know the anchor of His love, and that is the only reason why I am still here, still kicking, and not trapped in a perpetual loop of suffering and chaos.

My bit of collateral damage from this morning, I am just like her in a million ways, with one small difference,  my tears are not tears of confusion and despair, but rather of grief and gratitude.

Got hope?