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I was chuckling the other day, someone actually accused me if asking impertinent questions. Moi? You don’t say…..

Wherever would anyone get that crazy idea?? Could it be because my entire faith revolves around having asked impertinent questions?  Then some critical thinking, than some more questions, then chasing some rabbits down holes. Am I ever wrong? Of course, and when that happens it is time for a few dozen more…. impertinent questions.

Impertinent is a funny word, it’s come to mean rude, insolent, uncivil, but it really just means not pertinent, not relevant. The problem being, what is perceived as relevant versus irrelevant is a very subjective matter of opinion. Many people do not have the eyes to see the whole picture, the cause and effect that is occurring. They have no idea what white rabbit you are chasing. So challenge a set of beliefs, and boom, the reaction is often less than charitable, because the assumption is made that you are challenging them personally and somehow a threat to truth and beauty everywhere.

The truth is an amazing thing, (also the Truth is a person,) but what makes it so remarkable is that you can look at it upside down, sideways, backwards, and it remains the truth. The truth stands. The truth can take any onslaught of impertinent questions without altering in any way. The truth can defend itself. The truth is a bit like cream too, no matter how much we try to stuff it away, it always rises to the top.

I have asked God Himself “impertinent” questions, with a certain amount of reverence. Reverence means “deep respect or regard.” One cannot really ask God impertinent questions, since He sees all things, knows all things. How could any human question be irrelevant, not pertinent, impertinent to God Himself? It could not. There is no question too big, too impertinent.

So God Himself has graciously taken so many of my “impertinent” questions and led me towards the Truth. If I am not afraid to ask God Himself about the nature of things, than surely I am not going to be afraid of some human person declaring impertinent questions to be, well “impertinent.”

It is a bit funny, someone else who actually enjoys my impertinent questions, is my husband. He does not realize it, he probably wouldn’t admit it, but it is true. The other day he marches in and announces we’re going to dinner.

Okay, that sounds lovely,” I replied.

“You’re not even listening to me,” he says.

“It sounds lovely, I’ll wear my blue dress,” I said cheerfully, observing a rather crestfallen look upon his face.

“You have other plans,”  he says, almost hopefully.  Indeed I do, in fact I am seething inside because I have four things I have meticulously scheduled for that precise same time frame and now they have all just swirled down the drain.

The poor, poor man is wilting before my very eyes I tell you, not looking pleased at all.

“It will be lovely?” I said, but now it is a question, filled with doubt, as I struggle to figure out what the problem is here.

He stares at me sadly, silent, waiting for something intangible, something I cannot even put my finger on, some whisp of smoke that completely eludes me…..

Perhaps….perhaps he is desperate for an impertinent question?

So I blurt out, “I cannot believe you do not even ask if I have any plans! Why, why do you do this thing? Do you not understand how inconvenient this is? Have you even checked the oil on my car, like I asked last week?”

He is perking up already, almost standing taller, the light beginning to come back into his eyes. He is like a little plant being watered.

“This is going to be huge sacrifice I my part, huge, “ I say laying it on rather thick. “I am now forced to choose between you and what I actually wanted to do. Of course I am going to choose to spend the evening with you. It is just, why?? Why do you do this to me??”

You should have seen him. He was all a-glow and smirking with such delight I almost felt bad.