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I hate religion. I’m telling you, I wrestle with this all the time because I refuse to hate anything, but that one just sticks in my craw. Takes some supernatural grace to let it go, and as soon as I do, sure enough it’s spewing forth somewhere else.

I am all about a relationship with Jesus Christ, a full-time, 100% committed, daily walk with Him. Total surrender, unconditional love that seeks His unmerited favor, above and beyond the favor of man. Amazing grace. Walking hand in hand with the Father all day long.

I believe in His church too, in His promise that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. They sure are chomping at the bit however, relentlessly battering those walls.

That self-righteous, pharisitical spirit just galls me. You know what pharisitical is? It’s a cross between a self-appointed religious leader and a parasite. It’s a worm that infects its host and drains it of nutrients, sapping all it’s energy.

How do I recognize the parasite? Well it’s pretty easy, it’s usually screaming heaps of abuse at me. Heretic. Apostate. Child of hell. Oh yes, and it gets even worse from there on out. Dark, ugly words, words of death and condemnation. Apparently some people didn’t get the memo about speaking life over others.

Sometimes a lot of non believers I know read those ugly words too, and they say, “if they would say that to you, they will say worse to me. I want nothing to do with your God and your religion.” There is nothing I can do, nothing I can say except Jesus Christ was perfect and sin free, He simply loved us and we killed Him for it. That really is the nature of people. I’m sorry, it just is what it is.

Sometimes I intercede for the pharisitical, pray their hearts will be softened, their eyes opened, but sometimes I lack the will to even do that. Sometimes I just take it to the Lord and lament the existence of this ugly thing in the world. He understands, He knows, He gets it. The pharistical are the same ones who called for His very crucifixion. They saw the beauty and innocence of Jesus Christ and promptly demanded His execution.

Sometimes the Lord comforts me, points me back to my gallows humor, just be grateful they aren’t apathetic. The apathetic are the worst of all. Indifference is worse than hatred and so much harder to cure. Those who are sitting in lukewarm water are comfortable and see little need to change the temperature.

There’s a spiritual war going on, one I see evidence of all around me. Those who reject religion, I totally get that, I reject it too. But to walk away from Jesus Christ is to surrender the war, to refuse to do battle for what is just and right. It is to sit on the sidelines as if our voices are not needed, and it is to leave faith in the hands of religion.

It is to be a cheeze eating surrender monkey and to let the darker voices rule. Love conquors all. Love conquored all. It’s a done deal and He is seated in victory. Walk in that victory and fight along side it.