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On Redefining Words and Character Assassination click here

Just really enjoyed this post from over at Sheologians.  I think I found a fellow soul mate.

Click to read the whole article, it’s delightful, but one of my issues recently can be captured in this one sentence from the post that had me just rolling on the floor, “I take all of this to mean, don’t assassinate anyone’s character, you warring, low-down, no-good evangelicals, capiche? “

Precisely! I’ve grown a bit tetchy lately with the number of people messing with my head lately. “Messing with my head” is when you seemingly talk out of both sides of your neck at the same time and it comes out as garbled irony. Good for comedy I suppose, but not much else.

Garbled irony like Lady “priests” deeply concerned about the serious crisis of authority affecting women, stemming from……unsupervised lady bloggers. Apparently we are responsible and capable enough to be priests, but things get a bit sketchy when it comes sharing our own personal walk with faith.

John Pavlovitz, peace, love, patchouli, pops up and then suddenly “Today, I Hope That There’s a Hell!” He also hopes all the bad people find themselves there, pronto. John seems to have taken a sudden interest in justice and the wrath of God, which is somewhat funny. “Go to hell” really clashes with the whole “stop being so judgemental and practice tolerance” thing.

I also actually read Jonathan Merritt’s article a few days ago but then I just got tired. Bored.  To fed up to address it. Sick and tired of the petty gossip, in fighting, and mean little words being bandied about. Jonathan Merritt, while slamming everyone else also takes a pot shot at Pastor Wilson, calling him an “unhinged racist.” He is neither unhinged nor a racist.

I actually recently posted about how I appreciate Pastor Wilson, which was not greeted with enthusiasm by all. I am allegedly now a-brainwashed-cultian-doormat, which is a vast improvement over last weeks accusations of being totally insane and not really a woman at all, but rather a troll posing as a girl-poe.

Let me weave this tangled web all together into one coherent mess.

1. We Christians need to learn how to disagree with one another respectfully and stop engaging in excessive character assassination as if you can just wipe someone off the planet by pitching verbal tea cups at  their head.

2.  Jonathan Merritt is a sexual abuse survivor who now wrestles with sexual issues. Child sexual abuse is the rape of child’s, mind, body, and soul. It should come as no surprise that it also harms us sexually. Sometimes homosexuality is learned sexual behavior that stems from being groomed into it at a young age. That’s a very unpopular, controversial thing to say these days, but it’s often true.

To be loving towards people, to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves, we have to stand in The Word and not allow the world to tell us otherwise. To do as Jen Hatmaker did and to “rethink same-sex relationships,” is actually to convert abuse, sin, and sexual violation into a child’s very identity. They were not harmed by someone elses abuse and exploitation, they were just born that way.  That’s actually a really terrible thing to do to a sexual abuse survivor. You connect their very personhood to the abuse and evil they suffered and force it to become their very identity.

Stand in The Word. That’s not just good theology, that’s good secular psychology too.