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Okay, “love” may be a slight exaggeration. It could even be tinged with some sarcasm.

I’d say “grow where you’re planted” but I’m pretty sure the marijuana lobby now has a copyright on that phrase.

“We’re so happy we wet our plants!”

We don’t tan. We don’t rust either. We just slowly corrode like a sheet of aluminum until our pallor matches our grey skies. No surprise vampires blend right in.

Leg shaving season opens April 30! Of course, you need a permit before you can cut anything in this state…..

Our government passed a law in 1983 making it illegal for us to have any sort of evacuation plan in the event of nuclear attack.Β This was done to “promote peace.”

Where I live we have a “shelter in place” mandate. In the event of a nuclear attack we’re ordered to stay put. It probably doesn’t really matter one way or the other. As far as I know, no one has ever out ran a nuclear bomb anyway. I guess it’s just the thought that counts.

Or would have counted……